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This is probably the coolest thing I'll ever post on TimeDoctor:

23:00 <+homerj> damn, how the hell did I ever use this as my main system?
23:00 <+homerj> this iBook feels like a Leappad

10:51 < monteslu> ok, so I went and voted for obama, just like Icculus said...
10:52 < monteslu> now can I have UT3 for linux?

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari Server 1.5 updated

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zakk o' the cosmos version:
zakk o' the oldskool version:
wii code:
0438 1649 6029 6600
mkds: 201925 682263
Animal Crossing: Wild World friend code: 4553-2949-8066

When this .plan was written: 2009-04-06 19:49:44
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