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1:14 < theoddone33> vivaldi was pretty brilliant
21:14 < jvalenzu> he was also a great cook
21:14 < theoddone33> yeah?
21:14 < jvalenzu> you never heard of the four seasonings?

ubuntu ps3 is actually worse than YDL. I can't even get ubuntu installed since it chooses 520x300 as a resolution.

13:30 < leileilol> this is why i don't play quakeworld
13:30 < leileilol> everyone has aids

Weird things that are me but I didn't know:

Scary people and things that arent me:

Homeless james bond:

Hotel Dusk is the best game for the nintendo DS, ever.
Thank you, internet.

podcast 7 is up!

Why the hell doesn't YDL have mp3 support?

/Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages/X11User.pkg

12:56 < zakk> review on amazon of company of heroes by some moron who has no
  familiarity with RTS games at all
12:57 < zakk> 4 of 70 people found the following review helpful:
12:57 < zakk> VERY DISAPPOINTED, November 20, 2006
12:57 < zakk> Reviewer:IS. Stimpson - See all my reviews
12:57 < zakk> (REAL NAME)
12:57 < zakk> For those of us who like FPS games such as Call Of Duty, you
will be VERY disappointed at this game. It is played in the
  person" mode. You tell groups of squads what to do, then you sit
  back and watch them do it. You have no control after that. Same
  with tanks, planes, etc. The soldiers are so small you can
hardly see them on your screen. No real interactive playing
like Call of Duty. When you choose weapons, they are so small,
the soldiers
  could be holding a baseball bat and you would never know it. If
  you HAVE to buy this game, at least wait until it goes on sale,
  or you are throwing your money away! This game is so bad, I'm
  giving it to the first person who will take it.
12:57 < zakk> Comments (10) | Was this review helpful to you? YesNo (Report

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