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20:37 < zakk> tsuyoshi:
20:41 < tsuyoshi> zakk: that is so awesome
20:41 < zakk> heh
20:41 < zakk> you think chinese hobos waiting in line for a ps3 is awesome?
20:41 < zakk> if so I'll pay you $20 to get me a ps3
20:42 < tsuyoshi> I'm not a hobo
20:42 < tsuyoshi> and this is america
20:42 < tsuyoshi> go find a mexican to do it
20:42 < tsuyoshi> oh btw
20:43 < zakk> haha
20:43 < tsuyoshi> they were paid 20,000 yen, which is more like $200

11:47 < djbeenie> has anyone gotten snes9x to work with roms?
11:50 <+zakk> never
11:50 <+zakk> it only runs cartridges
11:50 <+zakk> you have to plug them into your floppy drove
11:50 < djbeenie> lmao
11:50 < djbeenie> very funny
11:52 < djbeenie> they are not working for me
11:52 < djbeenie> trying to figure it out
11:52 < djbeenie> im using the front end gsnes9x
11:52 <+zakk> are you using zipped roms
11:53 < djbeenie> no
11:53 < djbeenie> they try to come up and...then its all black
11:53 <+zakk> what video card
11:54 < djbeenie> intel um... sec
11:55 <@nyhm> gsnes9x is going soon
11:55 < djbeenie> intel 915gm
11:55 < djbeenie> is there a better emulator?
11:55 <+zakk> zsnes is nice
11:55 <+zakk> they're both good
11:55 <+zakk> I think they both use opengl though
11:56 < djbeenie> thats for snes right
11:57 < djbeenie> wait thats my problem then...are they both for snes?
11:57 < djbeenie> these are nes roms
11:57 <+zakk> ...
11:57 <+zakk> dude
11:57 <+zakk> Yes
11:57 <+zakk> s n e s
11:57 < djbeenie> lol whoops
11:57 < djbeenie> im an idiot
11:58 <+zakk> I'd agree with that statement

08:44 < TimeDoctor> holy crap
08:45 < TimeDoctor> that was some dentist appointment
08:45 < TimeDoctor> Iw as in there from 8:30 AM until 11:30
08:45 < akawaka> what did you get done?
08:45 < TimeDoctor> five fillings, they took out a few that had gone bad
08:45 < TimeDoctor> and at one point they stopped to give me oxygen
08:45 < TimeDoctor> heh
08:46 < TimeDoctor> the dentist was really good though, at least

16:43 <+zinx> fydo: if you can't make a profit putting linux games in
  gold-lined tin boxes with hardback manuals, how do you expect
linux gaming to ever succeed?

15:07 <@Briareos> much like kim jong il, zakk has esoteric interests
Podcast #6 is up!

An i.o haiku:

gentoo is fun
packages are upgraded
uptime is nil

Go listen to the cagcast!

id software's TTimo is on the latest podcast!!!!1111

15:01 < akawaka> so i took a lunesta sleeping pill on tuesday night
15:01 < akawaka> two actually
15:01 < akawaka> but then got distracted and stayed up working for a while
15:02 < zakk> < martin> I'm apparently still asleep
15:02 < zakk> < martin> not sure
15:02 < akawaka> when i stood up to go to bed i fell over
15:02 < akawaka> the guy on the back of my chair keep reaching out to pick me up
15:03 < akawaka> but every time i touched him he turned into a bunch of clothes
15:05 < akawaka> if it wasn't for the large cuddly caterpillers that were
  crawling all over my bookcase and my venitian blinds dripping
  down the wall that would have seemed weird
15:06 < akawaka> they must put psychedelics in sleeping pills so when you get
  knocked out you dream or something
15:06 < akawaka> didn't realise my neighbors hoard of mundane pharmacuticals
  would be such a treasure trove
15:07 <@Briareos> haha
15:07 < zakk> hahah
15:07 < zakk> that is brilliant
15:08 < zakk> I assume I can't .plan this
15:08 < akawaka> sure you can
15:08 < zakk> you wont get pissy?
15:08 < zakk> cool
15:08 < akawaka> its not like i'm injecting heroine into my eyeballs
15:08 < zakk> hahaha

Podcast episode #4!

10:31 < Nemoder> but I think
  it's a girl
10:32 <+zakk> okay that picture is funny
10:32 < Nemoder> cuz I don't know about you but I wouldn't feel right at all in
  that position
10:33 <+zakk> I can't imagine putting a nice laptop on a restroom stall floor
10:35 < overridex> as far as they're concerned it's on the floor in iron forge
10:36 <+zakk> haha
10:36 < relnev> can't go afk during a raid or they might lose their chace to
  lot on the loot
10:37 < overridex> and she's not worried about anyone seeing her doing this,
  she's a rogue so she's stealthed, duh

14:13 < zakk> george soros is hilarious to listen to
14:30 < _stephen> hahaha i destroyed the currency markets hahaha
14:33 < jmro|w> time to invest in Microsoft Points
14:33 < jmro|w> I keep all my cash in that market
Go download a cvs build!

23:34 < kexzzz> cant fint the menu
23:34 <+zakk> what
23:35 -!- kexzzz [n=kexman@] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:45 <@SpanKY> heh
23:46 <+zakk> oookay
23:51 <@Mr_Bones_> I hate it when the menu can't be finted

And now episode 3 is up, with the special Hendersa interview!

Listen to my damn podcast!

15:32 < Timbo> FWIW, as far as i'm concerned the feature freeze has been over
  for a while now
15:32 * Timbo -> bed
15:32 <@zakk> haha
15:32 <@zakk> <Timbo's plan> STEP 1) Say controversial thing in irc
15:32 <@zakk> <Timbo's plan> STEP 2) Leave
15:32 < Timbo> :D
15:32 < Timbo> wait, i left

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