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Podcast episode #4!

10:31 < Nemoder> but I think
  it's a girl
10:32 <+zakk> okay that picture is funny
10:32 < Nemoder> cuz I don't know about you but I wouldn't feel right at all in
  that position
10:33 <+zakk> I can't imagine putting a nice laptop on a restroom stall floor
10:35 < overridex> as far as they're concerned it's on the floor in iron forge
10:36 <+zakk> haha
10:36 < relnev> can't go afk during a raid or they might lose their chace to
  lot on the loot
10:37 < overridex> and she's not worried about anyone seeing her doing this,
  she's a rogue so she's stealthed, duh

14:13 < zakk> george soros is hilarious to listen to
14:30 < _stephen> hahaha i destroyed the currency markets hahaha
14:33 < jmro|w> time to invest in Microsoft Points
14:33 < jmro|w> I keep all my cash in that market
Go download a cvs build!

23:34 < kexzzz> cant fint the menu
23:34 <+zakk> what
23:35 -!- kexzzz [n=kexman@] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:45 <@SpanKY> heh
23:46 <+zakk> oookay
23:51 <@Mr_Bones_> I hate it when the menu can't be finted

And now episode 3 is up, with the special Hendersa interview!

Listen to my damn podcast!

15:32 < Timbo> FWIW, as far as i'm concerned the feature freeze has been over
  for a while now
15:32 * Timbo -> bed
15:32 <@zakk> haha
15:32 <@zakk> <Timbo's plan> STEP 1) Say controversial thing in irc
15:32 <@zakk> <Timbo's plan> STEP 2) Leave
15:32 < Timbo> :D
15:32 < Timbo> wait, i left

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