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Listen to my podcast, it is my birthday and you like podcasts.


"The GP2X is like the PSP like a Yugo is like a Ferrari.
And, just so the penguin-molestors out there get it,

11:52 < evilfrog> hey
11:53 < evilfrog> zakk are you here
11:53 < evilfrog> how is this possible
11:53 < evilfrog> zakk is human! i was starting to think he was some sort of
  high-end AI conversation bot
11:53 < evilfrog> :P
11:54 < evilfrog> qubit logic, fuzzy responses
Especially the Monkey Helper section.

Step 1) Try to play Descent 2 in Windows 98
Step 2) Spend one minute searching google for anyone
that might help you.
Step 3) Find, a treasure-trove of e-mail addresses:
09:46 < msphil> OK, why did I get an e-mail about Katrina wiping someone out...
  so they want help getting Descent 2 working under XP.
(So far, relnev, msphil, and I, have all gotten e-mails from this guy,
have you?)
Yes, spam, the way to spread your sad story (true or not), and get

This is also on now....

I was on the Linux and Games/Entertainment Radio

A few entries ago I mentioned that the official US locoroco demo is out
for the psp. It turns out that you can download that demo and some soccer
game demo via the in-psp web browser right to your memory stick, which is
there are still 17 shopping days left until zakkmas!

Web version:
zakk o' the cosmos version:
zakk o' the oldskool version:

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