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With regard to my ioquak3 project:
17:05 < Thilo> Timbo: why? I guess there are a couple of people who want to
  listen to their music in mp3 format...
17:05 < Thilo> just like we should support avi/divx movie shaders
17:06 < Thilo> so people can watch porn and play quake3 at the same time
17:06 < Thilo> now THATs multitasking :D

I was on the Linux and Games/Entertainment Radio

A few entries ago I mentioned that the official US locoroco demo is out
for the psp. It turns out that you can download that demo and some soccer
game demo via the in-psp web browser right to your memory stick, which is
there are still 17 shopping days left until zakkmas!

Web version:
zakk o' the cosmos version:
zakk o' the oldskool version:

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