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(discussing ext3 (which I like))
14:55 < Sketch> zakk: it's obsolete because soon everyone will have 8TB of
  space in their holographic storage cubes and then what wil they do??/?
if you try that thing don't run the display resolution executable
it goes into a pokemon style seizure mode to test the resolution
my eyes and brain hurt now

Also, don't alt+tab out and then back, more seizures!
"The Su-34 has an unusually large flight deck rather than a cockpit,
having space for a galley, a latrine, and a bunkbed."

16:00 <+zakk> they are behaviorly the same program iirc
16:00 < yip> so which one is better?
16:00 <+zakk> ...

19:10 <+homerj> what am I looking at here?
19:10 <+homerj> it just goes to the front page for wifi connection
19:11 <+zakk> ...
19:11 <+zakk> no, it doesn't
19:11 <+zakk> did you not read what floam just said
19:11 <+zakk> and then my reply
19:11 <+homerj> it did
19:12 <+homerj> ahhh
19:12 <+homerj> see
19:12 <+homerj> I don't read

Tetris DS is like Tetrinet DS, plus hundreds of thousands of japanese
people ready to whup you at Tetris any time of the day or night.
Bought a lite?
You'll want to move your wifi settings/friend shit.
Go Team Xenu!

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