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Well, this blows.
I've been using an intec "memory expansion pak" for months.

Tonight it lost its little mind, and now a good deal of save games
are gone :/

Obviously I'd suggest nobody get a ps2 memory pak from these people.

I'm continually stunned by washington mutual's crappy service.
Several times last month I've called and asked about my debit card
which was to expire at the end of october.

Tonight I called, because it is the first of November, I'm still
without my debit card, as my old one has expired. They tell
me it shipped on the 28th of october, and this is just insane.
It won't get here until Friday at the earliest!

When I spoke with them before they said it would be shipped 10
days before it expired. I have essentially no choice about it now.

The tactilepro is awesome:

12:17 < jvalenzu> in retrospect we should have let the south seceede

20:02 < theoddone33> clearly we need a vaccine for that then
20:02 < jvm> a vaccine for rational thought?
20:03 < jvm> we have that
20:03 < jvm> it's called republicanism
20:03 < code_404> badumbish

Well, if madwifi-ng doesn't work for you with your WEP'd
AP, iwpriv ath0 authmode N where N is a value between 1 and 3.
Also, I'd like the last thirty minutes of my life back.

I have a job!
Okay, this is the best wikipedia entry I've seen in a long time.

Quantic Dreams' Indigo Prophecy
is a really excellent game.

So five months ago I found a really nasty bug in,
filed a report about it since I knew the cause, and then

Just now they replied, and fixed it.

The burger place, not the thing that would make this .plan XXX rated:

18:31 < akawaka> i'm gonna get some in and out tonight
18:31 < jvm> ...
18:33 < akawaka> hah
18:34 < jvalenzu> oh my brothers
18:34 < jvalenzu> I was cured all right
18:35 < akawaka> ?
18:36 < jwr> wee bit of the ol' ultra violence


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