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The burger place, not the thing that would make this .plan XXX rated:

18:31 < akawaka> i'm gonna get some in and out tonight
18:31 < jvm> ...
18:33 < akawaka> hah
18:34 < jvalenzu> oh my brothers
18:34 < jvalenzu> I was cured all right
18:35 < akawaka> ?
18:36 < jwr> wee bit of the ol' ultra violence

I live in San Jose now!
22:28 < zakk> god this sucks
22:28 < zakk> I'm in an extended stay america
22:29 < zakk> it has no fucking oven, isn't really a suite by any stretch
22:29 < zakk> the locks are totally mechanical
22:29 < zakk> some fucking nutjob was just wondering outside aimlessly, looking
  at me and my woman, and appears to be high as a kite
22:30 < zakk> and the police were just here for some reason I don't understand
22:30 < zakk> oh and, to use the internet, I have to log in to a website and
  keep that browser open
22:31 < zakk> then it sends me to some advertising page
22:31 < zakk> so session saver etc would just go insane
22:32 < zakk> the best part is that we can't even use their hotel style maid
  service because we'd need to be here when they are here due to
  our cat and some kind of stupid agreement
22:32 < zakk> the staff just look at you confused when you question this idiocy

driving to CA this weekend!

So, Evolution is crap.
I tried for hours to get it to work properly, every time
I ran it it would forget what imap folders I was subscribed to.
It would crash repeatedly.

The lesson learned:
Open source software less than five years old is crap.
Back to mutt/procmail/etc I go.

So my first character in urban dead (.com)
got killed whilst I was logged off.

Now my new character:
12:29 < zakk> Welcome to Urban Dead, Ira Glass
12:29 < zakk> You're a police officer for one of the smaller Malton stations in the Judgewood area, and
  had been drafted in along with the rest of your unit to help with the military-led
  evacuation of the city.
12:29 < zakk> mwahahahaha
12:29 < jvalenzu> this american death
12:29 < jvm> ha
12:29 < jvm> very good, joe
12:30 < jvm> i was going to say "this american afterlife"

Batman Begins is the best Batman movie ever, and probably has the best plot
of a comic book movie. The action is sometimes hard to follow, and I suspect that
it won't be as fun if you don't see it in a movie theatre. I was pretty lucky to
find it still running today.

09:57 <@lgp-michael> I have about 10 tux games tshirts, its all I wear most of the time, and
  some people thought, till I corrected them, that I kept wearing the same
tshirt EVERY day
Good job finding my website, jerk.

Hooray for scammers, within hours of placing some ads on craigs for the below items, I received
both of these:

At least the second guy tried harder, he actually identified
some of the stuff I'm selling as furniture.
This is in West Seattle.

12:05 <+hendersa> "News at 11: 80% of New Orleans flooded with water. Other
  20% still flooded with urine."

Mail Call:
20:31 < akawaka> E-mail: Gunny, I'm curious about the rated specifications of a
  modern artillery shell? Does artillery still play an important
  role in modern warfare?
20:31 < akawaka> Ermy: LETS BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!
20:33 < akawaka> E-mail: Gunny, I'm curious about civil war artillery shells?
  What kind of role did they play in the civil war?
0:33 < akawaka> Ermy: LETS DRESS UP AND BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!!

From: Jesus Tshirt <>
Subject: Feel Good About What You Wear- Jesus T-Shirt On Us.



So I go into LensCrafters last night to get a glasses case and some minor
free maintenance. First they fix my perscription sunglasses, and then I hand
over my older regular glasses.

The lady working there says to me:
"You can still see out of these?"

So, time for new glasses I guess.
Please send me your patches,
Wish there was a good Linux version..

I'm 23!


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