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Batman Begins is the best Batman movie ever, and probably has the best plot
of a comic book movie. The action is sometimes hard to follow, and I suspect that
it won't be as fun if you don't see it in a movie theatre. I was pretty lucky to
find it still running today.

09:57 <@lgp-michael> I have about 10 tux games tshirts, its all I wear most of the time, and
  some people thought, till I corrected them, that I kept wearing the same
tshirt EVERY day
Good job finding my website, jerk.

Hooray for scammers, within hours of placing some ads on craigs for the below items, I received
both of these:

At least the second guy tried harder, he actually identified
some of the stuff I'm selling as furniture.
This is in West Seattle.

12:05 <+hendersa> "News at 11: 80% of New Orleans flooded with water. Other
  20% still flooded with urine."

Mail Call:
20:31 < akawaka> E-mail: Gunny, I'm curious about the rated specifications of a
  modern artillery shell? Does artillery still play an important
  role in modern warfare?
20:31 < akawaka> Ermy: LETS BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!
20:33 < akawaka> E-mail: Gunny, I'm curious about civil war artillery shells?
  What kind of role did they play in the civil war?
0:33 < akawaka> Ermy: LETS DRESS UP AND BLOW SOME SHIT UP!!!

From: Jesus Tshirt <>
Subject: Feel Good About What You Wear- Jesus T-Shirt On Us.



So I go into LensCrafters last night to get a glasses case and some minor
free maintenance. First they fix my perscription sunglasses, and then I hand
over my older regular glasses.

The lady working there says to me:
"You can still see out of these?"

So, time for new glasses I guess.
Please send me your patches,
Wish there was a good Linux version..

I'm 23!


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