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So I go into LensCrafters last night to get a glasses case and some minor
free maintenance. First they fix my perscription sunglasses, and then I hand
over my older regular glasses.

The lady working there says to me:
"You can still see out of these?"

So, time for new glasses I guess.
Please send me your patches,
Wish there was a good Linux version..

I'm 23!

Been working on wikipedia a little:
gmplayer -playlist -cache 1024

Regarding WINE working with more windows crap:

23:51 < CHIEF> and you are immature.
23:52 <+zakk> of course I'm immature
23:52 <+zakk> I /run/
23:52 < CHIEF> and thats not somthing to be proud of.

"Police pounced on multiple targets gleaned from Thursday's bungled
suicide bombings, using aggressive new tactics learned from Israeli
police in a desperate effort to round up the terror network and
stave off future attacks.

The day began as special officers followed a man who emerged from a
house they had been watching. They chased him as he entered a tube
station and boarded an Underground train, cleared passengers
out of the way as he fell to the floor and then fired five shots
into his head in front of stunned passengers, killing him."

14:45 < zakk> hey guys, how bad is it when your registration is slightly
14:45 < puydt> car registration?
14:45 < zakk> yes
(stuff about the cop being a girl)
14:51 < puydt> You could just beat her to death. It's only one star, and you
  can just get your car resprayed for $100

13:56 < Crusader> <Palpatine> ROLL OUT *chunk chunk chunk*
13:56 < Crusader>
13:57 < zakk> jesus christ
13:57 < zakk> that is fucking stupid
13:57 < Crusader> "Luke with pieces of X-Wing all over him, or an X-Wing with human
  parts just dangling off... "
13:58 < Crusader> "Hasbro couldn't stand Marvel hogging all the action in the
  "misshapen people who turn into misshapen vehicles" market.
13:58 < Crusader> "
14:01 < zakk> I should make a dustin reyes figure that turns into a keyboard with
  only three keys, ctrl, c, and v
14:01 < Crusader> hahahah

10:31 < akawaka> the best part is when the guy says "It will cost $900 to stick
  this bag back in"
10:32 < akawaka> and then you spend all day wondering what could possibly account
  for $900
10:32 < akawaka> apparently airbags are made by a rare rain forest beetle in

More e17 stuff:
Watched some flash video on rasterman's site today of E17, since I wanted
to see if there was anything he can do with it, that I can't do. Turned
out a mysterious line of pixels I kept seeing on my display was a fancy
alt+tabinator I was missing because my ~/.e/e/themes/default.edj was out
of date!

Lowes movie theatres are awful. Grossest restroom I've ever been in besides

* (as long as you're within my target audience of both people that will get that joke :)

01:53 < zakk> I promise not all of seattle is covered in homeless people
01:55 < icculus> I don't belive it.
01:55 < icculus> You probably have a homeless guy on your roof.
01:55 < icculus> You just don't know it because he's wily.

01:53 <+icculus> I mean, my mother thinks I run a porn site for all I know.

Use a graphical client, you twit!


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