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13:56 < Crusader> <Palpatine> ROLL OUT *chunk chunk chunk*
13:56 < Crusader>
13:57 < zakk> jesus christ
13:57 < zakk> that is fucking stupid
13:57 < Crusader> "Luke with pieces of X-Wing all over him, or an X-Wing with human
  parts just dangling off... "
13:58 < Crusader> "Hasbro couldn't stand Marvel hogging all the action in the
  "misshapen people who turn into misshapen vehicles" market.
13:58 < Crusader> "
14:01 < zakk> I should make a dustin reyes figure that turns into a keyboard with
  only three keys, ctrl, c, and v
14:01 < Crusader> hahahah

10:31 < akawaka> the best part is when the guy says "It will cost $900 to stick
  this bag back in"
10:32 < akawaka> and then you spend all day wondering what could possibly account
  for $900
10:32 < akawaka> apparently airbags are made by a rare rain forest beetle in

More e17 stuff:
Watched some flash video on rasterman's site today of E17, since I wanted
to see if there was anything he can do with it, that I can't do. Turned
out a mysterious line of pixels I kept seeing on my display was a fancy
alt+tabinator I was missing because my ~/.e/e/themes/default.edj was out
of date!

Lowes movie theatres are awful. Grossest restroom I've ever been in besides

* (as long as you're within my target audience of both people that will get that joke :)

01:53 < zakk> I promise not all of seattle is covered in homeless people
01:55 < icculus> I don't belive it.
01:55 < icculus> You probably have a homeless guy on your roof.
01:55 < icculus> You just don't know it because he's wily.

01:53 <+icculus> I mean, my mother thinks I run a porn site for all I know.

Use a graphical client, you twit!

18:54 <@Briareos> Wheelchair rugby players are assigned rankings, from .5 to
  3.5, depending on their degree of upper-body mobility. A
  team's total score cannot exceed 8. The more mobile players
  handle the ball; the rest play defense.
18:54 <@Briareos> jesus, it's like warhammer

  Vendor: Sony Model: PSP Rev: 1.00
  Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 00
  usb-storage: device scan complete
  SCSI device sda: 63424 512-byte hdwr sectors (32 MB)
  sda: assuming Write Enabled
  sda: assuming drive cache: write through
  SCSI device sda: 63424 512-byte hdwr sectors (32 MB)
  sda: assuming Write Enabled
  sda: assuming drive cache: write through
  sda: sda1
  Attached scsi removable disk sda at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0


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