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01:53 < zakk> I promise not all of seattle is covered in homeless people
01:55 < icculus> I don't belive it.
01:55 < icculus> You probably have a homeless guy on your roof.
01:55 < icculus> You just don't know it because he's wily.

01:53 <+icculus> I mean, my mother thinks I run a porn site for all I know.

Use a graphical client, you twit!

18:54 <@Briareos> Wheelchair rugby players are assigned rankings, from .5 to
  3.5, depending on their degree of upper-body mobility. A
  team's total score cannot exceed 8. The more mobile players
  handle the ball; the rest play defense.
18:54 <@Briareos> jesus, it's like warhammer

  Vendor: Sony Model: PSP Rev: 1.00
  Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 00
  usb-storage: device scan complete
  SCSI device sda: 63424 512-byte hdwr sectors (32 MB)
  sda: assuming Write Enabled
  sda: assuming drive cache: write through
  SCSI device sda: 63424 512-byte hdwr sectors (32 MB)
  sda: assuming Write Enabled
  sda: assuming drive cache: write through
  sda: sda1
  Attached scsi removable disk sda at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0

I TYPE LEFTBRACKET E N T R Y RIGHT BRACKET!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111

Horror stories from VMC (where I used to work):

Whilst discussing some unix things with The Woman, I thought up a good way
to be Very Evil and lock out your users from editing one or more files in their
home directory. First of all, you need to understand that in UNIX-Land,
they weren't lying when they said that EVERYTHING IS A FILE!
Directories are files, too. So this means if I want to make a system-wide
decision about a file, and if I even go to the point of making a root owned
dotfile in the user's home directory, that user can go ahead and delete that
file. Because the user owns the directory with the file in it. However,
a user can't delete a directory that user doesn't own when there are files
that user doesn't own inside it. So now we have our trick. We make a dotfile
in the user's directory, except this dotfile is just a directory with an empty
file in it, both owned by root, under the user's home directory. Now the
application /should/ run, skip over the user's dotfile because it can't
read it or anything, and go to the system-wide copy. However, there is still
the problem of the --config-options. I'm not sure how to get around those every-time yet.

I made a wallpaper of Supertramp's awesome cover to their "Crisis, What Crisis?" album, from 1975:

Sorry, lynx users :(

So, Samba on RedHat 9 doesn't work until you both up2date samba and
up2date samba-client.
Most of the stuff on google tells you that you need smbfs or whatever, but that
should be there already. samba-client is the package you need if you get the
"mount_data version 1919251317 is not supported" error in dmesg.

Floam brought the zakk o' the cosmos into the 1900s with css, thanks to floam.


Watched "Pendragon Pictures" version of WotW, which is wretched. Lets
put lens flares on cannon fire, and EVERYTHING!
The enhanced pictures on the website don't do the movie justice, it is far
more terrible than anything I could have imagined. Serious Star Wars fan
-film terrible.

War of the Worlds is excellent, despite Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise and His
Giant Ego (plus scientology!)

Lately, I've been reading about the insanity that is Scientology:
00:13 -!- akawaka [] has joined
00:13 < zakk> martin1
00:13 < zakk> adhsad
00:13 < zakk> martin!!!
00:13 < zakk> "In a way, it's impressive. Hubbard not only managed to get one of
  these books published, it actually became a bestseller and the
  founding text for Scientology. It's not your garden-variety crank
  who can take a crackpot rant, turn it into a creepy
  gazillion-dollar church with the scariest lawyers around, and set
  himself up as the "Commodore" of a small fleet of ships, waited on
  hand and foot by teenage girls in white hot pants. But, I digress."
00:13 < zakk> akawaka: lets become scientologists!!!
00:13 < overcode> I'm going to include that in my next away message
00:14 < overcode> "out of the office, removing body thetans"

So I ran my upgrade_e script and restarted e17...
all my applications and such broke :(
Found out why:
"1 todo bug item gone. went from .eapp to .eap - hey guess what guys! all your
bars/menus/engage stuff will need fixing (rename your fiels and edit .order
files). :)"

22:16 < zakk> jesus christ
22:16 < zakk> car battery died
22:16 < zakk> at the airport
22:16 < zakk> in the departure/drop-off lane.

I hate ALSA.
I've just been sitting here screwing around with my brother's toshiba laptop,
again. Trying to figure out why sound in Enemy Territory didn't work.
So I exited the game, fired up xmms, changed settings, etc...
It was all fun and games until I found a tickbox labeled:
"Headphone Jack Sense"
This was the answer, it also made me jump out of my chair at the noise
pouring out of my headphones...

Madwifi notes:
madwifi-driver/bsd on my brother's toshiba laptop doesn't work with
cpu frequency scaling enabled.


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