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I hate ALSA.
I've just been sitting here screwing around with my brother's toshiba laptop,
again. Trying to figure out why sound in Enemy Territory didn't work.
So I exited the game, fired up xmms, changed settings, etc...
It was all fun and games until I found a tickbox labeled:
"Headphone Jack Sense"
This was the answer, it also made me jump out of my chair at the noise
pouring out of my headphones...

Madwifi notes:
madwifi-driver/bsd on my brother's toshiba laptop doesn't work with
cpu frequency scaling enabled.

Gentoo just changed it's baselayout to have properish wireless networking support.
This has the unfortunate side-effect of breaking your wireless networking support
if you had it working another way. The file to edit is /etc/conf.d/wireless,
after copying the wireless.example to it.
This is that documentary.

I can't help myself, I was watching a documentary covering people on
TV news programs speaking off-air, but unknowingly on a sattelite feed:

James Burke is the best historian ever:

Hooray, done my first 9 weeks of class.


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