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Just beat Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: The Game (PS2)
It's pretty great.
If you like Ghost in the Shell, you should get it.
The story is well put together.

Like sand in the hour glass, these are gimps that were previously lost in time:
there are a bunch more at

19:46 -!- jvm [] has joined #
19:46 < zakk> it doesn't actually download an update
19:46 < zakk> just the news item that would have gone with one
19:46 < zakk> and jvm's mom
19:46 < zakk> oh shit
19:46 < zakk> hey jvm
19:47 < zakk> valve is distributing your mom
19:59 < jvm> wtf
19:59 < jvm> did no one read the license on my mom?
19:59 < jvm> she's not a GPL mom


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