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During preflight inspection, I noticed a large amount of clear ice on the
aircraft surfaces.... I wanted to check the upper wing surfaces for
ice from an over-wing exit. Not being able to see clearly through the
emergency exit window, I thought that opening the exit door would give
me a better view of the amount of ice on the wings. I hesitated for a moment
, questioning if the aircraft had over-wing escape slides. I did not notice
any placards on the door with pictures of slides and their use in an
emergency. I then asked a flight attendant if this aircraft had wing escape
slides, and she said, "No." I said, "Are you sure?" She said, "Let me
check with the other two flight attendants." They also indicated that
the aircraft did not have wing escape slides. I then opened the right
wing emergency exit door and the slide deployed.

It took me something like a day and a half in the ongoing saga of
the RAID that would not RAID to get 2.4 working.
All because I didn't realize that nptl just couldn't work with 2.4

00:43 < tsaotsao> I'm watching...DS9
00:43 < zakk> the best is the last ep
00:43 < zakk> where odo goes back to the jello mold he came from
00:43 < tsaotsao> dude
00:43 < tsaotsao> dude
00:44 < tsaotsao> I can't believe you spoiled it
00:44 < tsaotsao> ass
00:44 < tsaotsao> don't you dare tell me what happens to Gul Ducat
00:44 < zakk> he becomes an all-star pitcher in the new-earth baseball league
00:44 < tsaotsao> NOOOOOOOOOOO
00:45 < zakk> Bill Cosby guest-stars
00:45 < zakk> as the changeling leader
00:45 < tsaotsao> makes sense
00:45 < zakk> the title of the episode is
00:45 < tsaotsao> the jello pudding pop tie in
00:45 < zakk> Who Wants Pudding Pops?
00:45 < tsaotsao> jinx
00:48 < zakk> as the credits roll rick berman and a superimposed gene kelly
  dance on roddenberries grave
00:49 < theoddone33> haha zakk
00:49 < theoddone33> gene kelly

Apparently on amd64 joysticks in Linux are broken.

Oh and, for laughs I tried 2.6.1, to see if I could make my RAID go with that
instead that version of the kernel can't even connect to the box full o drives.
Rather than connecting and hosing them, like a more modern kernel.

Well, that was fun
I had RAID working for quite a while until the software raid layer in Linux
Good job, Linux.

Apparently a feature in the linux kernel firewire layer has been broken
since 2.6.2. This is the feature that lets you access multiple hard disks
in a box that holds them. There are two different fixes, one is to
downgrade to the 2.6.1 firewire code, which apparently worked. The other
is to pull the SVN and use that, which breaks hotplugging.


02:32 < relnev> ......... Escape the 'Games' of Windows
02:32 < relnev> :::' ....... ......
02:32 < relnev> ::: * ::. ::'
02:32 < relnev> ::: .:: .:: .:.::. .:: ::. :'
02:32 < relnev> ::: :: :: :: :: :: .::.
02:32 < relnev> ::: ::::. .::. ::. .::. .:' ::.
02:32 < relnev> ...:::......................::' .::::..

For about a month and a half now, I've been looking for my nice watch
that my woman got me.

For about a month and a half now, my nice watch has been
sitting on the other side of my computer monitor.

19:23 < akawaka> i'm surprised the pope has lasted so long
19:24 < akawaka> the catholic church is floundering like a sourceforge project

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