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00:40 < theoddone33> I thought of a great term for wine
00:40 < theoddone33> "pretendulator"
00:40 < theoddone33> windows pretendulator
00:42 < theoddone33> it's a good term!

At the risk of saturating your funny bone, I
present these gems to you:
18:07 < akawaka> i would suggest natalie thai as our new thai place, but you
  penny pincers would probably have to save for weeks to eat
18:07 < zakk> penny pincers
18:07 < zakk> joe and mike are lobsters
18:11 < jvalenzu> no way
18:11 < jvalenzu> I'm way way cheaper than mike
18:11 < zakk> so you're the lobster
18:11 < jvalenzu> I'm a fucking vice grip
18:12 < jvalenzu> mike is like the claw in that machine that you try and get
  stuffed animals in
18:12 <@Briareos> <jvalenzu> i have additional hilarious jokes but my computer
  is so slow it can't keep up

17:46 < zakk> I hate mysql.
17:47 <@Briareos> select whiney from zakk;
17:47 <@Briareos> Returned 66342835 results.

13:28 < jvalenzu> the Emotion Engine just makes me sad

k9 root # /etc/init.d/apache2 start
 * Apache2 has detected a syntax error in your configuration files:
9 root #

Use a graphical bowser

Use a graphical browser
20:43 < floam> what are you doing for them?
20:43 < Sketch> roasting babies

19:13 < akawaka> ah fuck this
19:13 < akawaka> goddamn panels allocating textures
19:13 < akawaka> dear heap
19:13 < akawaka> please give me 128K
19:14 <@Briareos> dear martin
19:14 <@Briareos> fuck off
19:14 <@Briareos> love,
19:14 <@Briareos> the heap

You should all sign up for Time Doctor Dot Org Subscriptions right away,
they are going fast!


So, I'm using a laptop with a built-in intel 3D chipset (crap), I wanted to
get it working for fun even though it isn't much good at all. The drm module
kept interacting poorly with the agpgart stuff and badness was happening.

It turns out, you need to compile the agpgart stuff into the kernel.

New, more King of all Cosmos-y ~zakk :>


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