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18:56 < Crusader> Ol' Dirty Bastard died :(
18:56 < theoddone33> is that a codeword for cheney?

Fun fact:
the software for the USB pen-drive save-state thing from datel/codejunkies
has no idea if the write-protect lock on your pen-drive is on or not.
Nor does it even bother to check if the files copied/moved.
So if you, say, select move on some important saves to your pen-drive
and the lock is on, it will happily send them to oblivion!
The write-protect lock is on by default, too.

14:08 < Judecca> what do I need a sanitary environment for
14:08 < Judecca> I just play xbox/ps2 and sit in my filth

20:10 < theoddone33> what good would a ds web browser be?
20:11 < jvalenzu> no kidding
20:11 < jvalenzu> you could browse fanboi sites about the psp and regret your

Some Martin Donolaan:
23:33 < akawaka> in ireland once
23:33 < akawaka> i had a guy walk into my house at 3am and steal a pizza


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