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11:51 < Judecca> so who's pumped for oil drilling in the nature reserves

And a little Martin, just for fun:
22:40 < akawaka> john lydon told joe (physics guy) that almost all the pubs in
  ireland have fights all the time
22:40 < akawaka> we do it under protest
22:40 < akawaka> just to keep the tourists happen
22:40 < akawaka> when ye go the pubs all turn into open mic poetry cafes

More classic joe 2k4:
21:26 < jvalenzu> final fantasy isn't a game
21:26 < jvalenzu> it's a dvd with a long menu

21:18 < jvalenzu> I should have a pipe or something
21:18 < jvalenzu> I don't remember where I put it
21:18 < relnev> |
21:19 < jvalenzu> relnev++

Why aren't you playing it?

Standard joe response, direct from the irc client of the joe himself:
19:24 < jvalenzu> I'd try it out if I were in any way interested
  in playing a game where you pick up shit all day
19:24 < jvalenzu> if I wanted to do that I'd take the day off

What do you get when you try to run your x applications on your lifebook?
The crusoe code morphing software pukes all over X!
No fix since the software can't be upgraded and Linux isn't
a big enough problem.

What do you get when you combine poor production values, and some twelve year
olds who want to make their own battletech game?
Dark Horizons Lore!
Which won't be going in the game list, because it stinks.

I got gish working!
Edited the binary to look for the versions of library files I actually
13:19 < relnev> will the sequal to gish be called siamese dream

  Why aren't you playing Gish right now?

[13:11:15] : zakk > cd arc/gishdemo/
[13:11:18] : gishdemo > ./gish
Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

It doesn't work with the -nosound option, either.

m4d pr0pz 2 44ron Gy35 for fixing a bug I introduced into the
php backend.

I touched my girlfriend's os x powerbook, and it started crashing furiously.
I'm not joking.

Feeling much better today. Moved a lot,
Want rest very badly, can't rest :(

That was notfun
just spent an evening 11PM-3something AM in the ER. And they had no conclusion
as to why my chest decided to do whatever it did that caused me to call them.

18:31 < akawaka> mutt has made email a part of my life again
18:31 < akawaka> i love you mutt
18:32 < jvm|pb> i love you too martin
18:32 < jvm|pb> oh, wait
18:32 < jvm|pb> mutt, not matt
18:32 < jvm|pb> nm


What I do for fun:
I crush evil humans

And for a job:
I sell their soft, fleshy organs.

Current Games:
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Got this for 11 bucks via ebgames and cheapassgamer,
limited walk animations, etc.
What really gets me is this boss (mini boss?) that I'm fighting.
He is a wolf with at least two heads, probably three.
He has the standard charge attack, but he also has an attack where
he shoots LASER BEAMS!
Not joking, laser beams!
I mean, Hideo didn't even work on this game, I suspect as a joke
he walks into the castlevania part of the building
and makes up shit for them to put in, and they do it.

Won the game, 6 hours in.
Great fun mainly since the puzzles are ones you can figure out
without gamefaqs.

Kingdom of Loathing:
Level 13
Hemi-Apprentice Accordion Thief

NeverWinter Nights:
Best D&D on Linux ever!
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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