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Feeling much better today. Moved a lot,
Want rest very badly, can't rest :(

That was notfun
just spent an evening 11PM-3something AM in the ER. And they had no conclusion
as to why my chest decided to do whatever it did that caused me to call them.

18:31 < akawaka> mutt has made email a part of my life again
18:31 < akawaka> i love you mutt
18:32 < jvm|pb> i love you too martin
18:32 < jvm|pb> oh, wait
18:32 < jvm|pb> mutt, not matt
18:32 < jvm|pb> nm

IGN DVD: There, there. What projects are up next for each of you?

Jhonen: I'm the Puppymaster. I control the puppies.

If you want a google mail account, ask away.

Futurama the game is a fun episode of futurama, but not worth the $20,
and the time it takes to get the cheat code and enter it so you can
watch all the FMV without playing through the terrible "game" portion.

At fry's in seattle (renton) they have Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (PS2) for $15.

ridiculous oxygen hood

"I made 3 20's on the scanner."

"It's not like it's a brown paper bag; it's the holy grail,"
he said. "It's probably the most important non-religious artifact in Canada."

"There's no room for pain and humiliation and fear in disciplining
healthy children," Kendrick said. "I think it's a rather barbaric
practice to say the least."

16:49 < icculus> That's a great pickup line.
16:49 < icculus> "don't worry, I have a backdoor!"

Nobody just turned 22, like I just turned 22.

Now I'm doing some rebel missions, and for some reason that involves fighting

So I'm fighting this, like, worrt (simple mob)
and Star Wars Galaxies decides to
start blasting John Williams as if it were some fantastic battle.

Playing some star wars galaxies...

If you're having problems e-mailing me, try my google mail address:
zacharyslater at gmail dot com

16:01 < Judecca> Canada is cleaning up at the olympics
16:08 < akawaka> literally
16:08 < akawaka> "Pick up the candy wrapper, eh"

10:49 < fords> "the stranger," "the plague..."
10:49 < fords> does he have one called "the book?"

Hooray! My main computer works again, turns out it was just too much
thermal paste!
Need to get a 6800 now :)
Or at least something with 128 MB of ram and faster than
my ti 4200.

If still looks messed up in your browser
(huge space below the story title until you get past the navigation)
then please take a screenshot and e-mail it to me.

I think I fixed in IE and Safari!

This is the most hideous .plan ever.

12:52 < jvalenzu> you should familiarize yourself with opengl,
  though, in case time travel to the past becomes
12:52 < jvalenzu> you may need to find employment in 1992


What I do for fun:
I crush evil humans

And for a job:
I sell their soft, fleshy organs.

Current Games:
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Got this for 11 bucks via ebgames and cheapassgamer,
limited walk animations, etc.
What really gets me is this boss (mini boss?) that I'm fighting.
He is a wolf with at least two heads, probably three.
He has the standard charge attack, but he also has an attack where
he shoots LASER BEAMS!
Not joking, laser beams!
I mean, Hideo didn't even work on this game, I suspect as a joke
he walks into the castlevania part of the building
and makes up shit for them to put in, and they do it.

Won the game, 6 hours in.
Great fun mainly since the puzzles are ones you can figure out
without gamefaqs.

Kingdom of Loathing:
Level 13
Hemi-Apprentice Accordion Thief

NeverWinter Nights:
Best D&D on Linux ever!
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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