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On the record with Vogon Van Vutton.

04:29 <@vogon> the one thing I will say about java, and let me go on
  the record having said this
04:29 <@vogon> it makes it really easy to write really shitty code
  really fast
04:30 <@vogon> which makes it excellent for an introductory
  programming course
18:29 < zakk> I really, really, wish there were a way to save our mp
  games in aw2
18:29 < tsaotsao> I hear you
18:29 < tsaotsao> martin and I had to cut our epic battles very short
18:29 < akawaka> hah
18:29 < akawaka> man
18:29 < zakk> sitting in a restaurant for 2 hours whilst we eat and
  play starts sucking after a while
18:30 < akawaka> don't remind me
18:30 < tsaotsao> what WWI map was pretty awesome
18:30 < tsaotsao> er that
18:30 < akawaka> i wake up in the middle of the night screaming
17:59 < tsaotsao> wow, real only barely sucks today
17:59 < tsaotsao> who would have thought in 1994 that in just ten
  short years we'd have blocky postage stamp sized
video over the internet
Well well, look who posts on again!!!11
torsmo is cool.

What I do for fun:
I crush evil humans

And for a job:
I sell their soft, fleshy organs.

Current Games:
Ico: I can see that prince of persia was obviously inspired by ico.

Kingdom of Loathing:
Level 11
Sub-Apprentice Accordion Thief

NeverWinter Nights:
Best D&D on Linux ever!
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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