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Whilst adding far too many legos to my wishlist, I came across
this gem of an editorial review:
"In a neat trick not found in actual hockey but often found in the
LEGO universe, the players can be combined to form two enormous super
SVN works, today.
DSL stopped working yet again. This time the qwest people suggested
something I feel dumb for not realizing. We tried a different phone
jack, and that worked fine. Theoretically though, the line in my room
should be fine, it is physically very close to where the landline
meets the house....
SVN broke, again.
If there is just no solution for this I am going to have to switch
back to CVS.
11:09 < zakk> aanyone know anything about new beetles?
11:11 <@Briareos> joe used to own one
<insert discussion about beetle>
11:13 < jvalenzu> I can't say I ran into any problems
11:13 < zakk> excellent
11:16 < akawaka> there was one big problem
11:16 < akawaka> IT
11:16 < akawaka> WAS
11:16 < akawaka> GAY
11:17 < jvalenzu> I prefer "artistic"
11:17 < akawaka> the xbox logo and the gear shift was artistic
11:17 <@Briareos> you know what you are
11:17 <@Briareos> you're an
11:17 <@Briareos> art
11:17 <@Briareos> art
11:17 <@Briareos> a
11:17 <@Briareos> art
11:17 <@Briareos> fag
11:24 < Sketch> but if you are male, you have to put something other than
  flowers in the flower vase built into the dashboard
11:24 < zakk> I WILL PUT GUNS
11:26 < nrose_kenedy> when i got my beetle, the dealer made me put
  flowers in my flower vase. he wouldn't let me
drive away with the car until he put in some
fake flowers
So qwest first sends me a new dsl modem without a power supply/brick/
wall wart. Then I call them up, and complain, and then they sent me a
second new dsl modem. Now I'm throwing the defective modem, the
second new one, and whatever crap came with it besides the power
supply I actually needed back to them. They can sort it out, or maybe
hire a think tank in the process.
19:27 < theoddone33> that's what I get for going to a christian school
19:27 < theoddone33> normal school would have taught me math *and* how
  to deflower women
02:58 < icculus> suck it down, all you linux bitches!
My DSL has been down so much lately, I finally gave up and called MSN
(not joking, they were the default isp through qwest).
When I talked to them, they told me I had been upgraded to being
handled by qwest support. Which is great, I thought. Qwest suport
was actually really helpful, and ordered me a new DSL modem/gateway
thinger. They said it would get here on wednesday, and they suggested
I look on ebay for a cisco dsl modem, since none of these actiontec
modems were worth their salt.

Current Games:
Metroid Fusion:
Well, and Nintendo, I got 6 hours of gameplay :(

Ico: I can see that prince of persia was obviously inspired by ico.
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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