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So qwest first sends me a new dsl modem without a power supply/brick/
wall wart. Then I call them up, and complain, and then they sent me a
second new dsl modem. Now I'm thorwing the defective modem, the
second new one, and whatever crap came with it besides the power
supply I actually needed back to them. They can sort it out, or maybe
hire a think tank in the process.
19:27 < theoddone33> that's what I get for going to a christian school
19:27 < theoddone33> normal school would have taught me math *and* how
  to deflower women
02:58 < icculus> suck it down, all you linux bitches!
My DSL has been down so much lately, I finally gave up and called MSN
(not joking, they were the default isp through qwest).
When I talked to them, they told me I had been upgraded to being
handled by qwest support. Which is great, I thought. Qwest suport
was actually really helpful, and ordered me a new DSL modem/gateway
thinger. They said it would get here on wednesday, and they suggested
I look on ebay for a cisco dsl modem, since none of these actiontec
modems were worth their salt.
On a side note, it seems like every time I try to update the lgfaq,
subversion breaks in some new, even more interesting way. Finger
icculus for more on that.
13:19 < akawaka> MAR VISTA
13:20 < akawaka> 123 Inglewood Blvd., ?Contact: Jesus 555-555-5555
13:20 < jwr-> dude
13:20 < jwr-> get on that
13:21 < jwr-> nothing says LA like renting an apartment in Inglewood
  from a guy named Jesus
08:11 < zakk> she was driving
08:12 < zakk> wish I could drive her car
08:12 < zakk> coulda made way better time that way
08:13 < akawaka> you can't drive her car?
08:13 < zakk> it's stick and has a trick to it, different from all other stick
08:13 < zakk> I don't even know manual
08:13 <@Briareos> EMASCULATED
08:13 < zakk> haha
08:13 < akawaka> good time to learn
08:14 < akawaka> driving across north america
08:14 <@Briareos> that has to be said like 'FATALITY' from MK2
Impressive video game moments #136:
I got a game for my nokia 3650 that uses the camera to simulate
a gyroscope, it takes pictures continuously. It uses this information
to determine if you have tilted the phone. So the game itself is one
of those cheesy tilt the slab with the ball to navigate the maze,
without dropping the ball into any of the holes.
15:18 < akawaka> haha
15:18 < akawaka> awesome
15:18 < akawaka> okay
15:18 < akawaka> so this dude is strapped to a table
15:18 < jvalenzu> ...
15:19 < akawaka> do i electrocute him or just shoot him in the face
15:19 < jvalenzu> good question
15:19 < jvalenzu> conserve energy or ammo
15:19 < jvalenzu> electrocute him
15:19 < jvalenzu> you may need the bullet later
15:19 < akawaka> yes
15:19 < jvalenzu> can you strangle him?
15:19 < akawaka> no
15:19 < jvalenzu> fucking hippies
16:24 < zakk> did martin get lost?
16:25 <@Briareos> we all got lost
16:25 <@Briareos> luckiliy we all had cell phones
16:25 < tsaotsao> no kidding
16:25 < zakk> heh
16:25 < tsaotsao> it was a sea of unwashed humanity
16:25 <@Briareos> i hate people
16:27 <@Briareos> it is now apparent that the nintendo ds exists for
  no other reason than to provide yet another platform
to rerelease all the nintendo franchises on
16:29 <@Briareos> <nintendo> the largest problem in games today is
16:29 <@Briareos> <nintendo> therefore we introduce the ds, which has
  a map on all the time
16:29 <@Briareos> <nintendo> to avoid disorientation
16:29 <@Briareos> <nintendo> which is... uh...
16:29 <@Briareos> <nintendo> a big problem
21:57 < relnev> my apartment is currently a real-world version of
21:29 <+zakk> icculus__: I think I'll listen to this uh,, sometime I'm
  not within earshot of my girlfriend
21:29 < icculus__> I said it was rap, which means by default it's
  demeaning to women!
14:29 <+TTimo> I ate zoid, here I am .. bigger !
23:32 < icculus> zipping up.
20:05 < jvalenzu> camera phones seem handy when you can't remember a
  girl's face but you have her number
20:05 < jvalenzu> so for habitual alchoholics it must be awesome
20:06 < zakk> I have a picture of my girlfriend as my wallpaper on my
20:06 <@Briareos> loooser
Got a washington state drivers license !!!11
I think my box is overheating, since I solved the general lockups
with the acpi stuff I wrote out in the lgfaq, and when I touch my
heatsinks they feel waaaaay too warm.
Going to have to get a new case if I can at some point :|
The one I want is really expensive though, it should help a fair bit.
I think my video card really needs active cooling, at least when it is
rendering OGL it seems to get too hot, though I have only encountered
one lock up/reboot which is obviously due to the video card.

Current Games:
Ico: I can see that prince of persia was obviously inspired by ico.

Worst ending ever.
(it was a "To be continued")

Devil May Cry: It's like Castlevania SoTN gone 3D and Resident Evil-ized.
A bit frustrating with the lack of save points though :/

Tenchu 3:
Fun, yet frustrating, review/fimp coming to curmudgeongamer soon.

Simpsons Hit and Run
Currently at The Woman's house, all progress on hold

Burnout 2
I'm confused as to weather or not pedals/wheel help.
Great game otherwise

Splinter Cell
LETS DO IT TO!11111111111
< ubisoft> ok whatever, here's a pile of crap
< tclancy> kewl!
< fans> wh
*** fans was kicked from #clancy by tclancy [WHAT DON'T YOU LIKE]

Zone of Enders: Something Something Something
Big Robots. Hideo Kojima.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
Running a server on, it's passworded.
Great game, VOIP is so nicely done, though many Linux users may be left out
in the cold without Sound Blaster Live's for full duplex.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes:
It's MGS. What to not the like?

(all GBA gaming on hold pending lighting upgrade)
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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