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20:05 < jvalenzu> camera phones seem handy when you can't remember a
  girl's face but you have her number
20:05 < jvalenzu> so for habitual alchoholics it must be awesome
20:06 < zakk> I have a picture of my girlfriend as my wallpaper on my
20:06 <@Briareos> loooser
Got a washington state drivers license !!!11
I think my box is overheating, since I solved the general lockups
with the acpi stuff I wrote out in the lgfaq, and when I touch my
heatsinks they feel waaaaay too warm.
Going to have to get a new case if I can at some point :|
The one I want is really expensive though, it should help a fair bit.
I think my video card really needs active cooling, at least when it is
rendering OGL it seems to get too hot, though I have only encountered
one lock up/reboot which is obviously due to the video card.
15:29 < erek> zakk: did nvidia send you a nv40 yet?
15:29 < erek> i mean
15:29 < erek> zander*
15:30 < zander> one? dozens!
15:30 < erek> zander: oh
15:30 < zakk> zander even sent me one
15:30 < zander> yeah, i had too many
15:30 < zander> didn't know where to put them
15:30 < zander> zakk was kind enough to relieve me of one
15:31 < zakk> I'm playing it with my new nvidia drivers on doom 3
15:31 < erek> zakk: what?
15:31 < erek> zakk: doom3?
15:31 < zakk> hel yes
15:31 < erek> how did you manage that
15:32 < zakk> I work for ATi
15:33 < erek> zakk: may i see screenshots of doom3
15:33 < zakk> sure, sec
15:35 < peppo> zakk, what do you think id and ati would say about you sending
  along screenshots of d3 to people?
15:35 < peppo> I presume you've signed tons of NDAs
15:35 < zakk> screw them
15:35 < zakk> sure have
15:36 < peppo> let me see then?
15:36 < zakk> sec
15:36 < m0sfet> you think i'd get a nice big bag of cash for turning you in?
15:36 < zakk> it takes a while to load :(
15:36 < zakk> probably not
15:49 < zakk>
15:49 < zakk> see, there is doom3
15:49 < Forge> zakk - You rock.
15:49 < Forge> Get me a copy to review. :)
15:49 < zakk> sure
15:49 < peppo> what if id get wind of that?
15:50 < zakk> boo hoo
15:50 < peppo> you're interested in getting fired?
15:50 < zakk> they can't fire me
15:50 < erek> zakk: fuck man
15:50 < zakk> I'm indispensible
15:50 < erek> zakk: you're crazy
15:51 < erek> zakk: hey, what video card is that?
15:51 < erek> zakk: and can you display fps?
15:51 < Forge> I got to run out; do dinner. bbl.
15:51 < zakk> it's on my nv40 sample
15:52 < zakk> 6800 ultra or whatever they are calling it
15:52 < erek> blahhh
15:52 < peppo> weren't you working for ati?
15:52 < zakk> I am
15:52 < peppo> _were_
15:52 < peppo> ehe.
15:52 < erek> zakk: i wanted to know how my FX 5900 @ 5950 Ultra would perform
15:52 < peppo> emphasis mine :P
15:52 < zakk> erek: sorry, I only have the nv40 and a ti 4200
15:53 < erek> zakk: how does the Ti 4200 do?
15:53 < zakk> it runs like shit unless I lower the res on the nv40
15:53 < erek> damn
15:54 < erek> not a good sign
15:54 < erek> esp if i'm a lower card than your 6800 Ultra :P
15:54 < zakk> keep in mind this is on my athlon 3200 XP with a gig of ram
15:54 < erek> damn
15:54 < erek> zakk: 512MB / XP 2600+
15:55 < peppo> I'm thinking he's lying
15:55 < zakk> I don't care what you think
15:55 < erek> peppo: heh
15:55 < erek> zakk: yeah, you got Beta Linux drivers bro?
15:56 < zakk> nvidia drivers? yeah they aren't really even beta quality though
15:56 < erek> zakk: worse?
15:56 < zakk> right
15:56 < zander> zakk gets all the broken builds
15:57 < zander> he'd get bored otherwise; that's the way of beta testers
12:45 < relnev> given a snippet of perl and line noise, i don't think
  i'd be able to tell the difference
22:49 <+zakk>
22:51 < foxxtrot> $15 for a Original Nintendo Controller? Jesus
22:51 <+zakk> it's a belt buckle
22:52 <+ashridah> good god
22:52 < foxxtrot> That doesn't make it any better zakk
22:52 <+zakk> I'm going to wear it to my brother's wedding
22:53 < treke|laptop> zakk: You dont like your brother much, do you?
23:32 < Judecca> preordering linux games is like asking a stranger to
  hold $50 for you for a few months
01:33 < icculus> zakk: the lgfaq should really list URLs for getting ATI/nvidia
  drivers. I get a lot of people with nonexistant/misconfigured
  drivers wondering why ut2004 is talking about "matching GLX
01:34 < icculus> And maybe mentioning running ut2004 with the -software command
  line to use Pixomatic on x86.
03:24 < icculus> Also, a "here's how to configure Xinerama to not render ut2004
  in the center of two displays" section would be nice, if it
  isn't there.
03:24 * icculus is clearly cleaning up bugzilla. :)
03:24 < icculus> Notes on enabling/disabling ide-scsi for the installer is
  useful info.
(just so I don't forget until I get home)
I don't know why I bought wheat free cookie mix, it doesn't taste
My PSU bombed out during a power outage the other day, too
replaced it yesterday..
I got a parking ticket for 38 dollars this morning!!
00:10 <+icculus> They have a big PSP section in the Sony booth...
  haven't bothered to walk over to it yet.
00:11 <+zakk> icculus: find me Hideo Kojima and bring him to me
00:11 <+icculus> zakk: I'm on it!
---------------------------------------------------------------------- is working again.
Hopefully with the new gimp release we'll see higher-quality work,
with less Dustin Reyes.
Also: moved into new place, liking it so far.
22:44 < |Spy|> hey, does anyone here have experience with physfs?
22:45 <+icculus> None at all.
My house was robbed last night :(
Nobody was home, thank goodness.

Current Games:
Devil May Cry: It's like Castlevania SoTN gone 3D and Resident Evil-ized.
A bit frustrating with the lack of save points though :/

Tenchu 3:
Fun, yet frustrating, review/fimp coming to curmudgeongamer soon.

Simpsons Hit and Run
Currently at The Woman's house, all progress on hold

Burnout 2
I'm confused as to weather or not pedals/wheel help.
Great game otherwise

Splinter Cell
LETS DO IT TO!11111111111
< ubisoft> ok whatever, here's a pile of crap
< tclancy> kewl!
< fans> wh
*** fans was kicked from #clancy by tclancy [WHAT DON'T YOU LIKE]

Zone of Enders: Something Something Something
Big Robots. Hideo Kojima.

Unreal Tournament 2004:
Running a server on, it's passworded.
Great game, VOIP is so nicely done, though many Linux users may be left out
in the cold without Sound Blaster Live's for full duplex.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes:
It's MGS. What to not the like?

(all GBA gaming on hold pending lighting upgrade)
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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