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My house was robbed last night :(
Nobody was home, thank goodness.

Current Games:
1. Castlevania: SotN
Won today, level 48 with 12 hours, 7 minutes, and 29 seconds win time.
2. Onimusha Tactics
I'm still not really familiar with Final Fantasy: Tactics
However, I like this game quite a bit.
The only nag I have so far is that my GBA is still
without a good lighting system.
3. Parasite Eve
I beat the SP in about two days, on the 'EX' mode now..
4. Nuclear Strike
It's a Strike game...
Version: 3.12
G! d- s+:-- a-- C++ UL++++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N++ o-- K- w---
O-- M+ V- PS+ PE Y PGP t+ 5++ X++ R-- tv+ b+++ DI+ D++
G+ e- h++ r++ y?

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