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LWCE is done, I'm tired.
1. The audio interview with me at:
was recorded at some shitty quality, I don't sound like that
(or at least I hope I don't)
2. I was exhausted during that interview and had no idea it would
be posted verbatim on the site.
3. I didn't port shit to Linux, besides OES, which I've barely worked
on lately, and a little work on black shades.
4. My name is not Zachary Taylor. I was not a president,3973,842586,00.asp

Also, much thanks to:
Ryan Gordon
Brendan Becker
That beta tester "asterisk" of pyddr who I should've gotten a new pass
John Hall
Daniel Vogel
Everyone who visited the booth and actually went to i.o instead of
just wasting our business cards.'s "Jim"
Microsoft ;)
No doubt there are more people, e-mail me if you know something I
can't remember.

I think we had the most popular non-swag booth at LWCE this year.

Fun stuff:
I had Sushi, twice, never had that before, I suggest you stay away
from octopus, but everything else was nice.
Octopus tastes OK, but it is so weirdly squishy going down, you
really have to chew it a lot.

PyDDR is cool, despite the inherent oddity of the game.
Still not any good at it, however.

Do not walk in New York City at night during winter unless you have
some sort of bottled, active, magma

Do not walk in New York City unless your shoes are prepared for it.
Waking up to bloody feet every day Isn't Good.

Do not attempt to Drive Anywhere in New York City unless you know
How The Hell to Get There.
Some of the highways were designed by Escher.

There's this thing called the "Barrier Mover".
It has two wheels in the back and goes along the median barrier
like a zipper.

I'm most happy about this:
"Icculus was the darling of LinuxWorld. Their booth drew more traffic
per square foot than any other display."
you must all buy mutant storm, a dual shock 2, and the ps2 -> usb
thinger from radio shack
17:43 <@Briareos> oh man
17:43 <@Briareos> i can barely stay awake
17:44 <@Briareos> coke isn't helping
Radio Shack rules, they have PSX-> USB controller adapters for $10.
Sure it's stubbed on Linux, but I need the functionality there for
other platforms.
What, you can load oggs in openal but not unload them?
The only good thing to ever come out of Half-Life.

I smell you around the corner
Ripe and ready for eating
In the gutter you will soon be bleeding
I am your only mourner

You are what I eat
So much flesh
So much meat
With my hands
Your skull I will beat

Leave your carcass in the street

My arms are a ?
They rip your limbs from your body
Relish the pain in which you writhe
For you have fed something rotting


Disembowel you with a Knife
A sm&#x00f6;rg&#x00e5;sbord of organs
Against the wall
And no-one here cares about your plight
We just ate your family at the mall

And it almost makes up for the fuckwits that ask for a half-life port.
Not quite, however.
Best part about Linux on this mac: You can't control where the sound
comes out!

I can plug the headphones in, but it doesn't cut off the speakers.
I can plug shit into the nicer output for speakers, but that generates
some crazy fucking tone (extra data for extra channels?) into the
Fun 2 hours spent at kinko's with Ryan trying to work on a sign.
Learned that I'm horrible with Adobe products (all of them).
However the chance to discuss what we're actually doing for LWCE
was invaluable.
Woah, finally got my drivers license, now to get insurance!

Get Job
Get Auto Insurance
Learn C 9.5%
Finish Secret Article X, for selling to one of the Linux rags.
need to fix secret game Y so it is compiled staticly first.
---------Other Shit-------
More bitstream webspace cleanup?
Perhaps when bitstream actually gets updated :)
Mistwall website 1%
moved to

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