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I got OES to run on OS X!
Figured out the problem, for some reason I didn't have the bitmap files
in my bin dir. So stupid that I don't have it printing an error for
Hmm, no good. Getting a Bus Error on the crash, linked to
Holy Fuck!
It runs!
It even displays the logo screen /before/ crashing!
Holy Fuck.
I just got OES to compile on the mac for the first time!
Fun note: RQ3/punkbuster/whatever keeps losing my fullscreen setting
Fun weekend. Drove from PA -> NY. Found out when I got there that
my license/permit/whatever was still in PA.

So now TARDIS.MAC is in the back of my van and the stupid hatch won't
Does anyone know any reputable C64 hardware vendors, as in ones that
use a real CC system and all?
I just want to get some cables, and maybe some kind of ethernet (if
that exists)
Finished Medal of Honor: Front Line finally.
It's a good game, a bit cheap near the end, but otherwise.
Sure I wish I could have used a keyboard and mouse, but I think I may
change my key config for FPS' in general due to playing it.
The two-sticks approach taught me a little bit more about turretting
properly in FPS', it's hard to explain.
Basically, right now I'm using mouse1 for foward, mouse2 for back in
all my FPS', but in the future I think I'll move it to the more
conventional W=foward S=back, et cetera...

But I digress.
The framerate can get really shitty when they pile on the smoke and
There are some really fun points though, like if you use an MG-42,
nazis will appear from nowhere for you to mow down.
The weapons are pretty fun, though they hold you back pretty often due
to the poor control close-in. The last level itself is terribly
annoying when you can't properly deal with the number of foes that are
coming out of the woodwork without resorting to just not killing them.

The end in-engine stuff is great, without spoiling the plot, it's quite
nice given the limitations imposed. However the final history-channel-
like cinematic is terrible. To top it off they invite you to play
whatever other Medal of Honor games are available.

It's definately far superior to the crap they tossed on a disc and
called "Red Faction 2". I admit that I've only played the demo disc
Volition provided, but it would take a bloody miracle for the rest
of the RF2 content to not be poop.

Now if only I can find some work so I can buy Vice City for the PS2.
I will at least have Gun Griffon: Blaze to play until then.
So i'm finally sending this hard drive back to Samsung in the maxtor
RMA box.
<zakk> I have the hiccups :(
<Briareos> poor zakk
<Briareos> instead of a GED and job, all he gets is the hiccups
Some gimps just aren't good enough
Working on a variety of boring pages for loki_*, smpeg, etc...
I beat ut2k3. The last boss is so annoying and cheap.

Get Job
Get Drivers License
Going for my license on the 16th.
Still need to do some parking, and some
highway stuff.
Clean up Bugzilla...
Learn C 9.5%
Finish Secret Article X, for selling to one of the Linux rags.
Not sure how long this should be, need to talk to JJJ.
Work on treke's website.
treke needs to stop dying his mowhawk and tell me what
he wants.
Clean up the Quake2 webspace/logo
Make Ryan/MEGASTeP fix setup so the cd detection shit works right.
---------Other Shit-------
More bitstream webspace cleanup?
Perhaps when bitstream actually gets updated :)
Mistwall website 1%
Config program for Mistwall 0%
Get a Mac, so I can dick around with slackintosh/maybe help out a bit
-got a Mac, need CD burning capability.
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