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Not making anywhere near the kind of progress I'd like to make with
Orbital Eunuchs Sniper. Really, I don't have the art skill to make new
content for it. Nor do I seem to have the coding skill to add new
features to it, yet anyway.
Ported a little game in about twenty minutes.
See the readme.z included before playing!
"Port Me!"
<code_404> The Doctor - 27 foot long scarves get you chicks.mp3
Best potshot at a president ever:

Get Job
Get Drivers License
Practice Driving
Learn C 9.5%
Finish Secret Article X, for selling to one of the Linux rags.
Not sure how long this should be, need to talk to JJJ.
Work on treke's website.
Clean up the FS2 logo, anyone got any pictures of fs2 ships?
Clean up the Quake2 webspace/logo
Make Ryan/MEGASTeP fix setup so the cd detection shit works right.
----------TIMEDOCTOR.ORG TODO--------
Make a thingy so people can see what the latest gimps are on td.o
Currently doing this manually, Ugh.
Design The Ultimate 77%
Make with the funny for the same
Make more gimps
---------Other Shit-------
More bitstream webspace cleanup?
Perhaps when bitstream actually gets updated :)
Mistwall website 1%
Config program for Mistwall 0%
Get a Mac, so I can dick around with slackintosh/maybe help out a bit
CLI options
This really needs to get done, sound needs to be togglable
Better crosshairs
New sfx?
New art?
Crowding around puddles of exploded human?
Different locations?
Resolution switching...
GUH this is harder than I thought, most shit was easy but the
AI wants to work differently. I'll probably start over again.
This really seems more important when I notice things like
SDL giving us whatever rez we can get (even if it's the wrong
one), causing OES to fuck up.
Adnan gave me some help with this, I need to take a look at
that irc log...

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