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20 September 1784

So I'm reading reviews of films on Amazon that I've seen semi-recentlyish.

This guy's review of "Before Sunrise" sums up my feelings about the film so
perfectly that it's fricking scary:

[2 stars] Don't believe the hype., September 6, 2004

Reviewer: R. J. Tisinai "robtish" (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Haven't these people ever been on a good date? Because they ought to realize
that this isn't one.

Basically the movie switches back and forth between stilted intellectual
monologues and badly improvised spontaneity. The monologues are unbelievably
vapid, and it never feels like the characters are listening to each other, just
waiting for their turn to speak.

The improvised moments have the forced falseness that almost always comes from
filmed improvisation.

There's no feeling here, no passion, no chemistry. The only emotional depth
came when they said goodbye, but so little had passed between them up to that
moment that I couldn't be moved.

I did hope the movie was building to some sort of exciting climax where they
shave off Ethan Hawke's annoying goatee, but no such luck.

This man is too correct for words, and I congratulate him on being so correct.

My own summary of the movie "Before Sunrise": it is the cinematic equivalent of
a flirty IM conversation. The characters pretend their feelings are deep and
meaningful, but as they even allude to in the film... if they knew each other
for longer than the scope of the film, their relationship would be entirely
different. In short, I found the characters and their relationship to be very
shallow... kinda like everyone is by default when they're talking over IM.

Julie Delpy, however, was great in Trois couleurs: Blanc, and indeed, filled
the requirement to be beautiful quite well in Before Sunrise.

All this said, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing Before Sunset in a way... I
mostly want to see if the characters ever grew up.

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