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10 September 1917

A late "Happy Birthday!" to Mark Prior. I was going to say something else but
I forgot what. Oh yeah it was this:

1) Reasons I haven't bought anything from Columbia House in like a year:
 - I don't watch many American movies
 - Their prices suck

2) Reasons I am still a Columbia House member:
 - I can't figure out how to get out of it

Speaking of clubs that I'm still in somehow, ACM hasn't taken the hint yet that
there's no way I'm ever going to resubscribe to their terribly pointless
membership. I just got another "Please renew" email from them yesterday or
today. Am I still a member? If I was, would it matter? The answers to these
questions and many more coming up... never.

And for real, I really do love the opening shot of Millenium Mambo. I think
I'd buy the DVD for that purpose only. I should give the movie another shot
while I'm at it... I just got really bored the first time I watched it, which
doesn't mean it's necessarily a boring movie. I think I fast-forwarded through
a bunch of it.

16 August 1935

I love the opening shot of Millenium Mambo. Too bad the rest of the movie

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