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16 August 1935

I love the opening shot of Millenium Mambo. Too bad the rest of the movie

12 August 2007

And so I've gotten back to watching movies, at least on a regular schedule.

The nighs where I watch two movies appear to be gone, but I'm glad to be
at least getting my life somewhat back on track... where "on track" is
defined by watching at least one movie a day. The next phase of on-
trackidness will probably getting to sleep before 1:00 AM every night.

Recently, I've watched Jean Vigo's L'Atalante, the Korean film Sil Mi Do,
and the new Derrick Yee project One Nite in Mongkok, starring the lovely
Cecilia Cheung, with whom I am infatuated.

One Nite in Mongkok was decent. I find that I'm not able to judge films
properly immediately after watching them. Perhaps this will come with time,
but it seems like I need a couple of hours just thinking about a film to
come to a worthwhile conclusion. Any film I don't end up thinking about
just wasn't very remarkable.

With this in mind, I will say that One Nite in Mongkok wasn't as good as
Lost in Time, which was Yee's project last year and one of the best films
of 2003 that I have seen. Still, I enjoyed One Nite in Mongkok with the
exception of the ending, which was not created to be enjoyed.

L'Atalante was interesting, and Sil Mi Do was heart-wrenching in a lot of
ways. All three films are definitely worth seeing. And, I almost forgot...

I saw Collateral in the theater last Friday night. I was in some sort of
test audience. The Dreamworks reps claimed that there were only four in
the country. The movie was decent, and highlights everything that is wrong
with Hollywood. I went into the theater knowing three pieces of information
about the movie: Tom Cruise was in it, Jamie Foxx was in it, and that it
was a "crime drama". Two of those turned out to be factual.

Anyway, Ebert points it out as well, but the movie was structured so that
the plot was revealed as a surprise. What's not a surprise is that the
entire, albeit minimal, plot of the film was revealed in the trailer, which
I only watched after seeing the film.

The more movies I see, the more I start believing that the best, if not
only, way to see a movie is to go in knowing absolutely nothing about it.
Now I know this won't appeal to most of the world, but it's something I
try to do as often as possible. I recommend it.

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