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17 July 2004

FireFox 0.9 is frustrating.

Not only did the Debian package just plain not work, but has
for some reason decided to not be useful anymore. They had great pages for
FireFox themes and extensions... now the links just go off to some mozilla
site, which aside from being really fricking ugly, doesn't have any of the
stuff I want on it and is not at all easy to navigate.

FireFox seems to be a textbook case of software regression. I think back
to the last time I was happy with a new release, and I realize that it was the
last release before the first name change. Phoenix will forever live on as
the greatest browser on Linux, and by all indications FireFox will soon
regress into who knows what. Maybe something that only understands gopher.

Oh, and they moved the Preferences menu! I don't care if it makes more sense
under the Edit menu. Once you've put it somewhere, LEAVE IT THERE. Forever.

People actually try to use your browser you know.

I have found one nice feature (which prompted the upgrade in the first place),
but I'm sure it wasn't worth losing all my extensions and my default theme
for who knows how long. The horrible thing about FireFox sucking is that
other than downgrading it, it's impossible to find a better browser.

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