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6 May 2004

Looking forward to this movie: I don't know
what it's about, but the last collaboration by this actress and director, Lost
in Time, was absolutely superb.

5 May 2004

Sick of scapegoating. The mantra of people that play games has been that, when
someone gets shot it's the parent's fault, not the video game's fault. Here
is news for you... you're scapegoating in the exact same way that the media is.

There is one person whose fault it is, and that is the person that pulls the
trigger. Contributing influences include home life, video games, the evening
news, teachers, and basically everyone that's ever had direct or indirect
contact with the shooter through his or her entire life.

To say that school violence is always the result of bad parenting is so stupid
that it blows my mind that people believe and parrot such ideas.

I mean you, Slashdot. Please start thinking soon.

1 May 2004

IMDB movie ratings are democracy's greatest failure. Do you really want people
who liked any of the Lord of the Rings movies more than every other movie
they have seen electing your next president??? Well, given the candidates I
suppose we could leave the voting to lab rats and we'd still get just as bad
a president.

I got a job this week, in the game industry. It's nice to see something you
have wanted to happen for 5 or 6 years happen, but not as nice as I thought
it would be.

Harvest Moon GBA is a great game. Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball is as well.
Now if only someone could make a COMBINATION of the two.

Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Farming. Sounds good.

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