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29 February 2004

So I'm watching the Oscars. I think this year's show pretty much highlights
most of my problems with the award, and points out some new ones. And it's
not even over yet.

Does anyone with a brain *really* think that a single film could possibly have
the best makeup, editing, art direction, costume design, visual effects, sound,
and musical score? Considering the number of films made every year, I'd have
to say that it's statistically impossible for this to happen. Oscars aren't
given out with any objectivity, and that's why the award is a sham.

Don't get me wrong... I hope to win an Oscar someday. I just hope I don't win
it for a film that, like Return of the King, is vastly overrated. And if my
film doesn't measure up, I hope it loses.

If you want me to state or justify my opinion of Return of the King, here goes.

While it took its characters more seriously that The Two Towers, it still
wasn't devoid of corniness, which really should have no place in this movie.
The technical things were well done, making it an impressive movie visually.
My primary complaint with this movie, other than the corniness that has run
through the entire trilogy, is the quick cuts in battle scenes. I think that
this method of filming combat should be eradicated from film entirely.

Much like Dude, Where's My Car?, Return of the King was a better movie than
The Two Towers, but I can only justify giving it one or two awards, and those
only in technical categories, such as art direction and visual effects.

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