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03 February 2004

Have you ever been browsing IMDB? Have you ever seen a movie that's still in
post-production, but you can't wait to see it based just on the cast?? I just
ran across one of those movies:

Now, the last movie I was excited about because of the cast was Highbinders,
or The Medallion as it's known in the United States. Jackie Chan was there to
provide some sort of decent action and Britain's best export since oxygen,
Claire Forlani, was there to provide... herself. Add in Christy Chung and
Anthony Wong and you've got a movie that I really want to see.

Except... it sucked. A lot.

Now, about Around the World in 80 Days. I haven't seen either of Jackie Chan's
collaborations with Owen Wilson, but I've seen The Royal Tennenbaums, so that's
enough for me to be happy about Owen and Luke's inclusion in this movie. Chan
himself seems on a dry spell. The Tuxedo was ridiculous, and The Medallion was
horrible, but maybe he'll strike gold with this one.

Scroll down the cast list a little more, you'll see some nice names.... John
Cleese, Arnold Schwarzenegger... people I don't mind seeing in movies. Even
farther down we have none other than Marsha Yuen and Maggie Q. Now if you
don't know who at least one of these women is, I don't know what business you
have calling yourself male. With the exception of Da zhang fu, neither of
these girls has ever really been in anything worthwhile, but I'm surprised
that there aren't laws against putting two girls that beautiful into the same

While I'm looking forward to this film I also suspect it will suck. The
director's last film is none other than The Waterboy. While the big names in
the cast all would be great to watch individually, I don't know that they
could be managed well together without the whole movie feeling like a series
of cameos. It seems like it will be a comedy... who knows if it will actually
be funny.

So this movie pains me. I like the cast, but I fear that it will suck. In
fact, I bet it's unavoidable. Still, I'm sure it will be in my rental queue
just as soon as it can be. Marsha and Maggie are a little hard to pass by.

Super duper update: WHOA SAMMO HUNG TOO WOOOOO!

Miscellaneous Bits:

- I'm counting how many movies I watch this month. I'm at 5... in 3 days.

- My collection of Asian movies surpassed 100 titles this week.

- No, I'm not a stalker.

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