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10 January 2004

Some great movies I feel like recommending today, for some reason.

Chungking Express is about loss. Wong Kar-Wai's movies are about characters
more than they're about a plot, and that appeals to me. This movie has some
great parts and annoying parts, but overall it works very well.

Fallen Angels is another movie about loss by Wong Kar-Wai. Takeshi Kaneshiro's
character in this is probably my favorite character in any movie I've seen.

Waking the Dead is a great love story that I found to be moving. "Intense" is
a good way to describe the relationship between the main characters.

Infernal Affairs is really two movies, with more on the way. It may be a while
before anyone can rent these in the US, but if you get a chance to see them
definitely don't pass it up. The second may be a little better than the first,
but seeing them out of order is not an option.

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