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While I feel this bill does not sound as bad as made it out to be,
nor as good as made it out to be, I do think that it's
disturbing that Congress is even considering allowing corporations to take
the law into their own hands. It's kinda like giving Walmart a free pass
to break into your house to take back the stereo you lifted from them.

The quote from the third paragraph or so is pretty amusing. Piracy over P2P
networks affects so many people in Berman's district that it's no wonder he
opposes it! It especially affects those seamstresses and carpenters.
Honestly, who is going to buy a sweater from K-Mart when you can download one
over Kaaza? Who is going to have a house built when there are plenty of good
ones on Napster?

It'd be nice if all politicians were as intelligent as they are eloquent.

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