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6 June, 2002

Ok, I've harped on the negative side of Linux gaming (WineX) just about enough.
Now I'd like to focus on the positive side, or at least what we need to do
before there is a positive side.

As I was reading some comments on a recent posting
( the thought occurred to me.
Before Linux gaming takes off, we're going to need an entirely new community.
We're working to create a market where one doesn't exist. There is no room for
selfishness. However, the current community (or vocal minority I hope) says
"If I don't get the games I want, I'm not supporting this company." Linux is
all about sharing, and if we want to see a gaming market created, we're going
to have to start sharing our dollars with companies that are working towards
the same goal we are.

In the spirit of sharing, I feel compelled to share two steps that individuals
who want to see a Linux gaming market created can do.

1) Don't buy Windows games.

 Problem number one when people think about buying Linux games is that they
already own the Windows version. This is one problem with the WineX model,
and it's doing a lot of harm. If you don't buy the Windows version, you're
both voting with your dollars and protecting yourself from the possibility of
having to buy a game twice. Oh and don't warez the Windows versions either.
If you warez, stop using Linux right now, we don't need you on our side.

2) Support the places that show interest in Linux.

 Tons of indie game developers are looking at Linux nowadays. You *need* to
support these places. This one won't cost you much, most indie games are $15
or $20. Here's a list of places you can support today, and get some quality
games for Linux in return:

- Introversion (
- Pyrogon (
- Mountain King Studios (
- PomPom Studios (

I know of at least two more companies that will be added to this list soon.
Indie games may be where we need to start, don't ignore them.

And don't forget the porting places! Linux Game Publishing is currently the
only place doing porting specifically for commercial purposes at this time.
They've got a title on the way soon, Majesty.

If we're ever going to see a market for Linux games built, we're going to have
to get over ourselves and work together for the good of the community. If we do
it right, everyone will benefit.

Oh and if you're not going to help, please shut up. Your incessant whining
about how Linux gaming isn't working for you helps no one. If it's not working
for you, either do your part or buy a console.

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