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2 March, 2002

Well here it is, the announcement of the winners of the anagram contest! First,
however, I want to mention some other things.

Three Linux games for under $15 that you need to get:

Space Tripper -
Raptor: Call of the Shadows -
Candy Cruncher -

Things I've stopped using lately:


As an aside, (not like this .plan update has a point) I've been extremely
disappointed to learn that Transgaming's version of The Sims doesn't even
include an ELF binary. Transgaming is not a "portability layer", and The Sims
is not a native application. Applications linked with winelib count as ports,
but no one can make any statements of how much better they are than Loki's
games because NO GAMES LINKED WITH WINELIB EXIST. If you want to pay $60 a
year to buy Transgaming's services, that's fine with me. Just don't buy their
propaganda. Redefining "porting" and "emulation" doesn't make you better than
a company that shipped close to 20 titles, no matter how loud you say it does.

Now I'll step off my soapbox and give you the results of the anagram contest.

The triumphant winner, now to be hailed by all as the best creator of anagrams
that has ever lived, is none other than Andrew Henderson. Andrew gained a
total of 5,873,267.35 points by creating an anagram that related to the original
phrase, correctly identifying the source of the original phrase, and correctly
explaining what "Petrarchanities" means.

As a reminder, here is the original phrase:

The general Petrarchanities are arrant, bubbles ephemeral and so transparent

and Andrew's anagram:

Perl entrepreneur peer Sarah is the Enigma. Car trash, bland... that sonnet be a bar tale.

In second place was myself, with 5,873,254.13 points and the following anagram:

Her ripe, gentle breasts are sheer porn, but her rear can land a tramp at a stable inn.

Third place goes to Michi M., who amazingly clinched third place without even
submitting an anagram!

Thanks to all the contestants, cash prizes may or may not be sent out within
the next 15 years.

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