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5 February, 2002

I've been getting a lot more email about AoT than I have about anything else
I ever have worked on before. I guess that's a significant credit to Raven more
than anyone else. Still, thanks to you all for your support, especially to
Clement Bourdarias for helping out in such a significant way on the project.
As of now I've got no predictions as to what will happen with 1.3.0. There are
some bugs that have been reported that are significant, yet also will take a
long time to fix. For the time being at least, school takes priority.

In other news, I discoverd a joyous little program called wordplay yesterday,
thanks to some folks on IRC. After a little bit of getting the feel of how it
works, I set about trying to find anagrams for the phrase

"Andrew Henderson's Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri"

Here is the best anagram I came up with:

Don, pie menus are a sinner's seed. What rich lard.

With this guide in mind, I'm starting a sort of unofficial contest. Whoever
comes up with the best anagram for the phrase below by the undetermined amount
of time until my next .plan update will receive the joy of being recognized
publically as the best creator of anagrams that ever has lived. I will judge
all anagrams, and all my judgements will be final. I reserve the right to
change all the rules of this "contest" as I see fit. Please note that in this
contest, punctuation is completely irrelevant to both the starting and ending

Without further adieu, here is the phrase.

The general Petrarchanities are arrant, bubbles ephermeral and so transparent

Bonus points if you can figure out where it's from. Triple bonus points if you
can relate the anagram to the original phrase in some way. Mail entries to me
at Have fun!

[Minor update]
Quadruple bonus points if you can tell me what "Petrarchanities" are. I don't
actually know.

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