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29 December, 2001

First of all, I hope you all had a great Christmas. I got RtCW, among other
things, so hopefully that will keep me busy after I get back to school. When
I'm not studying, of course. Right.

I acquired a CD of some Myth 2 mods today. As of today I own 3 copies of Myth
2, and I hope to bring my Myth 2 install up to around 2.5G soon.

I predict a Commander Keen source release on January 1st, and a working Linux
port by the 17th.

13 December, 2001

I decided last night that recreational reading is a habit I'd like to
redevelop. I'm starting off with Stephen R. Lawhead's "Pendragon Cycle." The
second and third books in this series are two of the best books I have ever
read. The rest of the series is not as good, but still worthwhile. After
those, James Gleick's "Genius" is next. I'm amazed at anyone who can write
a biography and not make it boring.

3 December, 2001

I bought Raptor: Call of the Shadows yesterday. ( It's
great to see old games getting ported to Linux. I encourage you all to part
with your hard earned $13 and buy this game, if only to support Linux. And
don't complain about it being more expensive than the Windows version. 3D
Realms sells this game for $15.

While you're buying Linux games for Christmas, buy Kohan. It's one of the
best Real Time Strategy games to come out in the last couple years. Also,
we need more people to play with online.

Hexen 2 release sometime within the next two days, keep your eyes open.

23 November, 2001

I have obtained a tiger. Happy Thanksgiving.

13 November, 2001

Hi my loyal fans, I decided to make this an actual .plan file, so no more humor
for you. I can hear the cries of sadness now, but realize that there are
funnier things on the Internet. Like Simpsons mpegs. Go find some.

Anyway, I'm working on Hexen II again. It is looking nice. Hexen II actually
plays apart from the mission pack now, though I very much doubt it will work
over the net with a Windows Hexen II client. However, that is what HexenWorld
is for, no? Until I get real Hexen II source, you can all just deal with it.

HexenWorld port is on my list of things to do.

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