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Fall 2006: decide to return to school, start surveying local colleges.
Nearest 4-year college which will take part-time undergrad: CSU Fullerton.
Transfer requirements include a couple classes I didn't have.

March 2007: Start my first class (for transfer) at a local community college.
It was nerve-wracking: could I balance work and school? Could I even still
"do" college? How would it go, with most of my classmates a hair over half
my age?

Summer 2008: transfer classes and prep completed, admitted to CSUF. More
GEs taken at community college.

Spring 2009-Spring 2012: part-time undergrad. 7 semesters. Two summer
sessions. Two intersessions.

30 classes after starting...


It's tough to do at the "wrong" time. It's really tough to take that first
step, and if one takes it seriously, there's a lot of initial uncertainty.

For me, it proved doable. I had a supportive work environment, and lots of
encouragement from friends and family.

It's been a five year slog, but... it's nice to finally finish.

Congratulations to all the grads out there!

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