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I joined the dark side yesterday; I'm now the proud owner of an Apple
Powerbook. Woo.


I remember when I was in 6th form [in the UK, that's two years until
you're eighteen and go to university]. I had a bunch of friends that I
hung out with *all* the time. I've not really kept in contact with them
as much as I should have, mostly because I'm an asshole. I strongly
doubt any of y'all read this, but if you do, hi!

Anyways. My point. Ever since I started using Linux, I've dumped pretty
much everything I had that was windows-related. I literally haven't got
much use for CDs of windows or dos programs, so I gave [or threw] them
all away.

Only one CD ever survived. That CD is Worms United. You remember, that
game from Team17, the one that was the original Worms, with the expansion
pack? Basically, Worms before it suffered the second-system effect and
turned to poo. I always had this dream that I'd play it again.

I played Worms United for HOURS and HOURS in 6th form with that crowd. I
remember wasting more hours doing that than pretty much anything else,
in the whole world. Well, the other day I dug that one CD out again.

Obviously it's not native to linux, but DOS emulation is pretty much a
solved problem as far as I'm concerned, so I'm prepared to choke down
dosbox. And damn, it works WELL.

Well, anyways. That was just a random happy memory that I suspect no-one
but me cares about.

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