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You just can't make this stuff up:

And because I just can't help myself:

Also, if you look up the Meta Trend report, they're actually talking
about Linux migration, not Windows migration. *snigger*

Other stuff...

God of War fucking rocks. It's possible one of the most intense games
I've ever played, but damn it's fun. I beat it last weekend.

The whole PSP thing? I played Lumines for something like half an
hour. Really addictive game, but somehow causes my hands to get all
cramped and painful. I don't think I'll be getting a PSP anytime
soon. Just to put it in persepctive, I prefer the original XBox
controllers to the new ones.


I've been porting JuggleMaster to TorqueScript recently. Useful, huh?

Last night I spent three minutes coming up with a small UI that shows
some of the internals of the siteswap validation process going on,
because I was trying to make a specific trick but couldn't work it out.

I'm hardly getting any awards for my UI deisgn, but:

It's the little things. I suddenly wish I had this exact item many many
moons ago, as it makes working out patterns MUCH simpler. Without that
tool, I just couldn't work out how to make the pattern you see there. With
it, it took less than a minute to find my mistake and fix it.

In obviously unrelated news, someone's doing some music for me, and I'm
trying to choreograph a juggling pattern for jugglemaster to do with it.
The guy does amazing work.


On the subject of Linux being "ready for the desktop", from what I gather,
having MS Office would make Linux "ready for the desktop".

Well, shit. I hope and pray that Linux never ever becomes "ready for
the desktop" because frankly, Word fucking sucks.

No, really. I'm currently trying to fix a 90-page word document. The
layout's all fucked up [even without intervention, it's pretty rare at the
moment to make Word load this same document the same way twice in a row]

Word's export to HTML function is just... Beyond compare. Sometimes,
I'm led to believe, it creates HTML that can render correctly in a web
browser. I've yet to see that particular feat.

I guess I'm pretty much just spoiled by the word processors that I
use. I mean, obviously vi or emacs is the plain-text editor of choice,
but for anything prettier, I've been using lyx. Both of which I fully
understand are generally considered to be ugly, but fuck that. Function
over form works pretty well for me. Clearly not everyone feels the same.

I'm sitting here, trying to convince Word to do some simple things. A
figure needs a caption, so it seems that the caption has been placed
physically near the figure in the blind hope that it might not fuck up.

How daft am I? I mean, who wants to be able to say "this is a figure
called XXX", and have the processor enumerate them for me? Or have a
reference in the text to XXX, and have the processor correctly convert
that to a reference to the enumeration?

I must be pretty fucking stupid to expect my word processor to correctly
enumerate sections for me. Or create non-retarded HTML. I mean, that's
what DreamWeaver's for, right? Duh. I'm clearly using the wrong tool
for the wrong job.


Float like a butterfly, stings like a bitch.

I got myself a new toy; A Spyderco Spyderfly. It's a balisong, aka a
butterfly knife. Great toy, but could probably be construed as kinda

There is the argument that anything that has multiple hinges in addition
to a couple very sharp bits might be a bit of a silly thing to call a
"toy". That's just crazy talk.


All these people who complain linux isn't ready for the desktop yet are,
IMHO, sadly mistaken.

It *must* be pretty easy and friendly to use because you get some pretty
fucking catastrophically stupid people using it. I mean, if they can
get it up and running enough to have problems with it, then it must have
been pretty fucking easy to set up.



I wash and I wash, but I can't get the stench of roleplaying off me.

I've genuinely been enjoying playing NeverWinter Nights and World of
Warcraft recently. How much longer each will last, who knows. but at
least for the time being, Both are thoroughly good fun.

I feel so dirty.

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