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Not to disappoint. Last July, I mentioned that dad and I have been buying
each other "mildly irresponsible" gifts recently.

For christmas, he got what the English call a "flickknife". Barely legal
in California [I carry one, since they're really nice...], it turns out
to be pretty catastrophically illegal in the UK, for a wide variety of
up-tight legal and down-right stupid reasons. Ho, hum, won't stop him
carrying it.

Apparently it makes his old pocketknife "feel girly". I have pretty
decent taste in pocket knives.

And in what I can only begin to imagine must have been an unwholesome
act, for my christmas present dad had walked into a gunshop and asked
for something "completely irresponsible and acceptably legal", apparently.

Here I sit, with a genuinely decent air pistol with a stack of gas
canisters, a big tin of pellets, and a little laserypointything.
See the little red dot? That's where the hole's about to appear.


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