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The merits of ebay are thus:
1) It's easy
2) It's cheap

The merits of paypal are thus:
1) It's easier than any of the alternatives

And that's where it stops. That's why I use both, and nothing more.

I'm just a fucking ray of sunshine today. I think today's theme boils
down to "money-grubbing fucks", with "retarded web designers" starring

It used to be with paypal that to confirm an address, they'd make two
very small transactions on your bank account, which you'd confirm. Now,
they pull out two bucks and expect you to read other details on the

Congratuations, fuckwits; you've gone from something I can do
quickly and easily online to something I have to wait for a statement
for. You've also gone from penny-ante transactional shit to essentially
stealing masses of cash because no individual gives a shit about that
dollar-ninety-five. It's like Office Space, but without any style, humor,
or grace. I strongly suspect there is a crackhead involved, though.

Today, I tried to buy something else. The rocket scientists at paypal
have managed to break something or other, so I can't actually click the
"submit" button. Now I had to root around in paypal's godawful interface,
going through way more steps, just to send someone money.

Modern web designers appear to have some sort of mutual goal: see who
can make it the hardest for people to give money away. This has always
amazed me that people would do it, but it's true. Can I give money to
someone please, using this online money-giving service? No? Retards.

In other news, the relative merits of the clusterfuck that is qmail
continue to completely elude me.


You know, I came to a realisation the other day, which is yet another
nail in TV's coffin for me: There isn't an end.

I was watching Lost for a while [the first two or three weeks], and it's
really good watching. Soon, I realised that I'm only watching it for the
ending. That's all. It's fun, and there's more and more to it, but all
I want to really see is the end.

But no matter what it is, it can't possible be as good as I need it to
be, to warrant my urge to see it.

I was watching Alias a lot for a while, but then I realised, at the end
of the most recent series, that there is no end. While individual bits
of the show may each have a beginning, a middle, and an end, there's
pretty much no end to the bigger picture.

Compare, also, with the X files. The smaller stories/pictures/whatever,
are good of themselves, but the bigger picture... yeah, you're starting
to get the idea.

There are two reasons for this, as I see it:
1) People are money-grubbing fucks. The people running Alias will keep
it going for as long as it keeps making money, and would rather run it
into the ground than end it decently, and move on.
2) People are fucking retards. They'll keep on watching it. Be it the
new Alias, or the latest whos-gonna-fuck-who retarded reality show.

For that first point, compare with "24": The first series had a beginning,
a middle, and an end. And it stopped. I sat down, and watched it
all. Great.

The second series had a beginning, a middle, and an end... except it left
the end open for another series. And that will continue. The stories will
change or get worse as the creators run out of ideas, and eventually
series 10 of "24" will be utter shit, left open, and there won't be a
series 11 because everyone will have got bored of it.

Since I still have your attention [Can't believe anyone actually reads
my opinionated crap], here're the other reasons I don't watch TV:

1) Reality TV shows. They're shit. Recently they've gone from just garbage
to genuinely offensive. Wife swap offends my sensibilities. It's trying
to literally fuck up two family's lives for the entertainment of the
mouth-breathing masses. That is so offensive to me that it turns me off
other TV just because of it.
2) I used to watch TV for hours. Even when nothing was on. One day I
stood up and realised that I had just wasted an entire day watching shit
that I didn't even enjoy. That was the big turning point.
3) Adverts. I want to watch TV for watching the content, not the shit
between the content - which nowadays takes up more than a third of
the time. God, that pisses me off.
4) Unless I pay a subscription, the TV is crap [and has more adverts]. And
I'm studiously avoiding adding more subscription services my expenses,
since they suck away my money and I don't usually feel I get anything
from them.
5) Lack of originality. It's just another reality TV show. It's just
another CSI show. It's just another {drivel}. Come up with decent
original stuff, and I'll think about watching it. But back to my original
point, it's better have a beginning, a middle, and an end, otherwise
I'll consider it a pathetic money grubbing attempt on the part of the
producers, and I'll be turned off it forever.

And what sparked all this? Halo2. [Spoiler Warning]

Stupid fucking Bungie. Want a quick way to piss me off? Fail miserably
to end the story. As I started; Halo turned out to be a money spinner. So
they don't bother to end the second one, since it'll get people stoked
for the third. Horsefuckers.

No wonder I read so many books.


There are many ways you can tell when your mail server sucks. Here are
just a few:

1) You're famous for pioneering the art of mail delivery as a denial of
  service attack.
2) You don't let anyone change any directory structure or filename
  nomenclature, and your chosen setup is pathologoically fucked,
  in a wide variety of interesting textbook ways.
3) Everywhere there are people that write about how fucking awful it is.
4) Everywhere there are people with fixes to problems with the server -
  and they all come in one of two forms, both of which are completely
  a) A source-level patch
  b) A replacement binary or script for one of your binaries or scripts

No, I don't have anything specific in mind - what makes you ask?


This is, quite possibly, the worst photo of me, ever.

Taken at the office. I'm pretty sure that the boss has nightmares that
the office turns into a 3-ring circus when he's not in. Well, shit.

I guess he's right.

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