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There are many ways you can tell when your mail server sucks. Here are
just a few:

1) You're famous for pioneering the art of mail delivery as a denial of
  service attack.
2) You don't let anyone change any directory structure or filename
  nomenclature, and your chosen setup is pathologoically fucked,
  in a wide variety of interesting textbook ways.
3) Everywhere there are people that write about how fucking awful it is.
4) Everywhere there are people with fixes to problems with the server -
  and they all come in one of two forms, both of which are completely
  a) A source-level patch
  b) A replacement binary or script for one of your binaries or scripts

No, I don't have anything specific in mind - what makes you ask?


This is, quite possibly, the worst photo of me, ever.

Taken at the office. I'm pretty sure that the boss has nightmares that
the office turns into a 3-ring circus when he's not in. Well, shit.

I guess he's right.

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