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I'm beginning to quite like Blender. I've put in 3 days effort, and I'm
beginning to learn how some of it works.

Blender keeps reminding me of vi. The UI is basically "none" and "shit",
all at the same time. But once you start getting comfortable, it's about
as brutally efficient as anything gets, and remarkably consistent.

I finally got a unicycle model to export successfully into DTS format
for the first time today. Technically it's nothing more than the forks
and a monkey head, but I'm imagining that it's a unicycle, at least for
the beginnings of development.


Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

What am I?

When I was invented, a tab at the start of a line in me was decided it
would be important. By the time everyone realised how stupid this was,
trying to debug me on a terminal when someone had used spaces instead
of tabs, it was too late to fix me for compatability reasons.

Correct! I am a Makefile.

But what am I?

I am langauge that failed miserably to learn from Makefile's
mistakes. Instead of taking a potentially neat idea [defining blocks
through indentation] and doing it in a neat way, I come with files in
my standard package that won't compile, because of indentation issues.

Correct! I'm fucking Python.

It started a couple years ago. I just wanted a little indentation.
But it could never be just one. Soon I couldn't afford spaces. Eight of
them cost as much as just one tab, and no fucker can tell the fucking
difference anyways.

I've been clean for a few years, now. I've not accepted the offer of
a single space. Especially not the ones that come with me. People are
amazed at how strong I am. There are plenty of spaces in my package,
but nowadays I know to just say no. I would say I'm stronger for it,
but basically I'm a fucking jackass.

Sometimes I hear people talking about me. They use the word "skullfuck"
a lot.

Everyone, let's fucking thank fucking python for that fucking great

*everyone claps*


This season's haute couture, as I am obviously an expert on such things.
Matching titanium choker and bracelet, with green and blue inlays.


Things never change.

In my 2002-03-05 update, I mentioned why windows programs tend to
suck more than their *nix equivalents - that windows programmers are
encouraged to do stuff that "almost always works, and is much easier",
wheras *nix programmers are encouraged to always do stuff The Right Way
That Will Always Work.

In this month's .NET journal:
"How to Write High-Performance C# Code"
Subtitle: Optimize early and often.

In the first paragraph, there's a nod towards the quote that "Premature
optimization is the root of all evil" - But then he tries to knock that
down by saying that sometimes, speed is vital part of any of the code
in your process, using the example of vehicular real-time control systems.

.NET? Vehicular Real-Time Control?

Then he talks about a wide variety of topics, including elemenal 101
stuff. Except if you're writing the sort of app where it matters, but
you don't know to keep critical sections small, then you shouldn't be
writing the app in the first place.

I dunno. Just seems to me that nothing ever changes. Microsoft produce a
pretty decent spec, overall, and then technical article writers recommend
ways for you to fuck it up.

I had written a long list of things arguing with what he said, but then I
realised that if you're one of the people that even read any of the .plans
on, you've already graduated beyond the intended audience.


Recently, I've been playing with aalib again. aalib Rocks.

I think that these could mostly be considered Bad Things(TM).


It's arrived.

I like it.


Woooo! My new Nimbus is on it's way to me [No, really]

*hops up & down*
I can't wait.


People never cease to amaze me.

First, of yesterday's problems:
The color separation. All I had to do was clamp to the limits instead
of scaling down, and suddenly the juggling dude is now not pink. So
that's good.

The GNU Autotools still blow. Instructions are still "edit the makefile",
but at least it's easy to do, now.

Last night, I go into #wxwidgets, and ask for a little help. Today,
someone I don't know [except briefly on IRC] sends me a huge patch
and Visual Studio buildfiles. People like that rock. And he didn't even
want credit beyond a mention of his handle, which I've duly placed in
a couple places.



I've now got mpeg dumping working. Which is nice. As the webpage says,
"Better Than The PostScript Ones(TM)"

Color separation is slightly off, and the whole of jugglemaster now
BADLY needs to be autoconfiscated [current build instructions use terms
like "edit the Makefile"], but it's coming along pretty well.

Of course, if anyone wants to offer a bit of help fixing either of the
above, I'd be eternally grateful...


I wonder if it's in bad taste that as my two-page random-test-document
for printing out at work, I've been using my CV.

Using the office printers, I've printed out maybe a couple hundred copies
of it recently.

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