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I think we can safely say that Farenheit 9/11 isn't likely to improve
Bush's campaign.

And I'm lit up like a Christmas tree.



Last night, I finally got that together.
I think I need to shoot the photographer, though.

Now I'm working on a stainless steel bikini set, in a looser weave,
and it's infinitely easier.

I think I can safely say that making a substantial bit of 6-in-1 titanium
maille is really quite a lot more effort than a bit of 4-in-1 stainless


Mario Kart Double Dash still very much rocks. Great fun, and am still
working on it in co-op with the rather lovely girlfriend, who rather
conveniently actually enjoys computer games.
I think I've passed "the test" with flying colors.

Currently, we have Gold in all but three of the cups.

Couple minor-ish points, though:
1) Fucking game fucking cheats. It's deliberately engineered to let you
get away with some stuff sometimes, and not at others. But to the point
where it's annoying.

For example, sometimes it just decides that no way are we going to win
a specific race, and goes out of it's way to descend weapons onto us
until a couple computer karts have gone past, just at the finish line.
Kinda annoying when we're about to win a new cup, or something.

2) Mirror mode is possibly one of the filthiest hacks I think I've /ever/
seen in a computer game.

They literally gaffered the 3d part of the engine in backwards, reversed
the left and right controls to make up for it, set the computer on
cheat-as-much-as-you-want mode, and hoped no-one would notice... Uck.

Of course, it's still GREAT fun, and I'd really recommend that if you
have a GC you pick it up. Doesn't really come into it's own until you
play with other people, but very, very, cool, anyways.

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