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Two updates to the previous:
1) I think the word you are looking for is litigious, meaning more
willing to resort to lawyers. Libellous means they say untrue things
about people deliberately. [Hi, Tom]
2) Apparently, it's more likely the kids are already being serviced by
the priest in the church, so the odds of me making the situation worse
are close to nil [Hi, Greg]


I had my first juggling gig in this country not long ago. It was some
random charitable thing in East LA involving about 50 or so kids, 3
jugglers, and some others at random. [We'd been expecting more kids to
be there, actually]

In the UK, I used to do something called "PlayScheme" fairly regularly.
Parents in the area would leave their kids there, and then the kids would
be entertained by painting, balloons, games, whatever_usually_amuses_kids.

Every time I went there, I had to sign a piece of paper, something to
the effect of "I promise I'm not a paedophile, and so far I've never
been caught". Or something to that effect. It actually seems like a
pretty good idea; the parents can be pretty comfortable that nothing
scary's gonna happen to their kids. And, from what I gather, the relevant
checks really were done after the event.

Come a charity gig entertaining kids in LA. I'm expecting to be given
a piece of paper that I must sign, this being even more of a libellous
society [is that the right word?] than England. And, lo & behold, I am.

Reading through, it's simply a Name & Address thing so they can contact
me if they ever feel the urge to ask me to do some work again. Seems
reasonable enough, and the lasses there were pretty good looking... The
fine upstanding christian thing was a bit off-putting, but since it is
a charity gig in a church, I suppose I oughtn't be surprised.

And another bit at the bottom to sign. Saying that they're allowed to
use my photo. For promotional purposes.

Seems being a paedophile & working with kids in East LA would be no
problem, but being afraid of my own image in print is perfectly ok.


This is really quite cool.

I just got some new juggling balls, and a new acrylic.

At Xmas, I'd been playing with someone's silicone juggling balls, and
while I was in London talking to dad about it, I'd whined that they were
too expensive for sensible people to be able to afford.

Dad, not having thought of anything to give me for Christmas at that
point, gave me enough cash to get some.

So I now have 6 green silicones [Mmmmmmmm], and a green Acrylic
[Mmmmmmmmmmm. It's purty].

It's really weird. When they come in the box, they're all shiny; I never
realised there's actually a break-in period before they turn the normal

Of course, until you've used them, most people simply wouldn't understand
what's so great about the better part of two hundred quid's worth of
juggling balls. [Ow. Ouch. Owie. Ow. Ow. Ow.]

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